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Punctuality lacking at facility

To the editor:

We in Presque Isle and the surrounding communities have been blessed with a beautiful community center. With the spacious gym, complete with walking track, along with a senior and youth center, it tends to make our long winters a bit more tolerable, a place of escape, if you will. Many in our community have come to count on it now, and probably wouldn’t know what to do with themselves without it. 

There is, however one thing about the “oasis in a desert” that is really bothering me, and that is it doesn’t always open on time. Now I’m not talking 8:01 vs. 8:00 here. Today, for example, it was almost a half-hour late. On another occasion, there were several of us waiting in our running vehicles and the person showed up nearly 15 minutes late — minus their key. Another 10 minutes of waiting and wasting gas for someone to arrive with a key.

These are but two examples, but there have been myriads more of anywhere from five to 10 minutes late. Once in a great while one can understand if, for example, a car breaks down on the way to work. But even then there should be a backup person to open the doors promptly.

On my present job, and jobs I’ve had throughout my life, I’ve always arrived 10-15 minutes early to make certain I was there to do the job I was being paid for when I was expected to be doing it.

Now I love our community center and, like many others, I’m really glad to be able to go there when it’s scheduled to be open. But my hope for the future is that they can find their way to make sure it is open when it is supposed to be open, particularly on Friday and Saturday mornings when I can make it on my days off.

Clare Kierstead

Presque Isle

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