Fulford right candidate to represent hard-working Mainers

The November election will be an important moment in our American democracy. We get to choose between congressional candidates who are beholden to their corporate and special interest donors, and a grass-roots candidate who can truly represent the hard-working people of Maine.

Jonathan Fulford has pledged not to accept campaign contributions from lobbyists or from political action committees that are funded almost entirely by corporate interests.  He has worked with his hands for the past 30 years as a farmer and builder. He knows what it takes to run a successful business, support his employees, and make a living in Maine.   

I am particularly excited by Fulford’s proposals to develop good paying jobs by embracing the challenges of health care, climate change, and our underdeveloped rural infrastructure.

He is tired of watching Maine families struggle to obtain basic health care services. He believes that universal health care will drastically reduce administrative costs and the burden of unpaid bills. It will mean that clinics and hospitals have the resources to expand services and jobs in our rural communities and deal with the opioid crisis.

As a builder, Fulford knows that reducing the impact of climate change through clean, renewable energy (such as solar power) and renovating our homes and businesses to the highest possible energy efficiency will create good paying jobs in engineering, manufacturing, and construction — jobs that can’t be shipped overseas. He strongly believes that cell phone service and high-speed broadband should be viewed as basic utilities, not luxuries, and that we cannot wait any longer to improve our roads and rail systems. Fulford will vote to make major investments in the basic infrastructure needed to bring new jobs and create successful businesses in rural Maine.

Jonathan Fulford’s grass roots campaign is catching fire. He was the first candidate to collect enough signatures to be listed on the ballot for the Democratic primary in June.

Bruce Glick


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