Daughers of Isabella, Holy Rosary Circle, meet in March 2018

If you love snow, cold, winter sports, and the delicious smell of boiling maple sap, then March is the month for you in northern Maine.  We have had several double figured snowfalls and will be shoveling and plowing our driveways for weeks to come. Yet, through all of this adventure—The Daughters of Isabella held their monthly meeting on March 6, 2018.

The winner of the 50/50 Drawing was Debbie Chabre.  Robin Fortin was selected to receive a birthday gift for the month of March. “Happy Birthday” was sung to all March birthday ladies.

Regent Elaine Haines called our Business Meeting to order at 6:05 PM.  

Chancellor Elizabeth Long led the Circle in Opening Prayer, followed by the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll Call of Officers was conducted with 15 out of 18 officers in attendance. Regent Elaine appointed Louise Brescia and Nancy Saucier to serve as the Inner and Outer Guards for the meeting.  Recording Secretary Jeanine Morneault read the minutes of the February meeting which were accepted as read with the following correction: Under birthdays …months of January to February.

Communications shared with the Circle included:  Letter from Regent Susan Palmer, Ave Maria Circle with information on their Circle’s 90th anniversary being held on April 21, 2018 at St. Mary’s in Bangor; Regent Elaine Haines shared that tickets are available for a Quilt Raffle by the  

St. Mater Circle in Sanford.  Cost is $1 per ticket or a book of 6 tickets for $5 and the proceeds will benefit Maine Right to Life; and a Thank you card from Sonia Labbe was shared.

There was no scribe report, as Scribe Bea Pirie was absent.  However, Vice Regent Dolores Martin shared that she accessed the online article Bea submitted to the Aroostook Republican and brought a printed copy to share.  Please, read the articles that are online with the Aroostook Republican and the monthly articles that appear in the paper.

Gail Hjort reported 2 layettes were given to the community.  She has 8 more ready for the hospital. More items will be needed after these are distributed (sweater sets for girls and boys, crib blankets, pampers, etc.).

Dolores Martin reported that “Thinking of You or Get Well” cards were sent to: Sonia Labbe, Germaine Albair (90th Birthday), Jeanne Beaulieu, Loretta Williams, Omerine Cyr, Carmen Thibodeau, Dolores Tardie and Theresa Wunderlich.

Dolores Martin reported no winners in the 40-Week Club for this month.

Dolores Martin informed the Circle that we still have Discount Cards to sell. Anyone wanting to purchase a card; please contact a Daughter. This fundraiser allows us to go many great things for our parish and community.

Regent Elaine Haines, Vice Regent Dolores Martin and Banner Bearer Rita Worley presented Ruth Getchell her 25-year Daughter of Isabella pin.  Ruth is a resident at Caribou Rehab & Nursing Home. Second Guide Teena Sirois ushered Debbie Chabre forward to receive her 25-year pin by Regent Elaine Haines.  Financial Secretary Gail Hjort will present Bev McNeal and Vi Cummings-Sirois their 25-year pins. Congrats, Ladies!

Regent Elaine reminded us to continue praying for our seminarians and to pray our monthly Rosary.

Gail Hjort motioned for the Convention Charities, with a second by Teena Sirois, to donate $25 each to the following four charities:  Religious Retirement, Share Your Love, Scholarship and the Presence Radio. Motion passed.

Discussion on the International Convention focused on–Do we want to send money or gift for the Baby Shower?  We are not eligible for the Cross & Crown Award as we do not have enough new members to qualify, but we can still donate.  Past Regent Mary Ellen Field made a motion, with a second by Vice Regent Dolores Martin, to send a gift of $30. Motion passed.

Past Regent Mary Ellen Field indicated her attendance at International Convention at her own expense.  Monitor Michelle Hersey is still interested in attending.

Regent Elaine shared with the Circle some changes that they are looking at to discuss at International including proposed change to Ceremonial Book (Chaplain may be revised to Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor) and constitutional items.

Past Regent Mary Ellen Field shared with the Circle that our 75th Anniversary Books might be ready next month.  She also informed us that the T-shirts would be ready during the summer.

Thank you to Michelle Hersey for our refreshments.

Chancellor Long led Circle in Closing Prayer and Regent Elaine closed the meeting.

Open Invitation:  Welcome to the Daughters of Isabella, one of the largest organization of Catholic women, who strive every day to live their motto of Unity, Friendship and Charity. Our members give numerous hours of their time to our community.  We work for the Church, family and charitable organizations doing volunteer hours and making donations. We support vocations, and for respect of life from conception to natural death. It is with pleasure that we welcome all Catholic women who wish to join us and participate in social and religious activities

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