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Island Falls notes (week of April 11, 2018)

Still not much going on here. The weather has been quite good and some of the snowpack melted when the sun came for a couple of nice warm days.

I had a nice note from former resident, Clayton Varney, and he told me that his son-in-law had already been out to mow their lawn. I’ll bet it will be another six weeks till we have enough grass to mow up here in The County.

Also, I had a surprise visit from good friends, now spending the winter months in Orono: Martin and Doris Pankratz. They have had a cottage at Pleasant Pond for 40-some years and have made many friends over the years, and are looking forward to spending the summer here.

Easter Sunday guests of Susie York have been her sister, Mrs. Glenda Summers, and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Kempton Coolong, all from Patten. They had a great time remembering the old days when everyone made a big to-do about Easter and the children had a great time looking for the Easter candy that had been hidden all over the house.

I had a small herd of deer in my backyard the past couple of days. I hadn’t seen any for at least two weeks, and all of a sudden, there they were, at least six of them. The snow is still pretty deep out there, so they were taking it easy walking along, breaking through snow occasionally.

I still have lots and lots of finches at my feeders and they empty the tube feeder quite fast, so it keeps me busy running out with a refill.

I saw my one and only chipmunk the other day. I hadn’t seen him around all winter, and imagine he holed up in the barn where there is a warm place to sleep.

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