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Connor students share motherly memories

CONNOR TOWNSHIP, Maine — With Mother’s Day happening today, students at Connor Consolidated school recently shared some anecdotes about their moms, and discussed their plans for gifts.

Principal Heather Anderson said it’s important for the school to acknowledge mothers or, for those who do not have mothers, aunts and grandmothers.

“We try to celebrate those people as well as mothers because they all make a big difference in the kids’ lives,” Anderson said. “They nurture, protect, and help. They’re always there when we need them.”

The principal said “mothers are very special” and that her own mother lives “five hours away.”

“I don’t get to see her often,” she said, “and when we do celebrate mother’s day it’s always from afar. Flowers are nice, and just a phone call can make a world of difference.”

When asked, Connor second grader Brady Zetterman said he couldn’t think of any specific special memory about his mother.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I just love her.”

Zetterman is currently planning to visit his grandmother, or “Nini,” and work on a handmade project for Mother’s Day, a holiday he said she is excited for.

The second grader said he’s thankful that his mom brings him on vacations and buys him food.

His two favorite mom-cooked meals are pizza and macaroni and cheese.

Looking ahead, Zetterman is anxiously preparing for a vacation to New Hampshire with his family.

Avery Thibodeau, another second grader, also is excited for Mother’s Day, and said that her mother is “very loving, and always there for me and my brother.”

Thibodeau fondly remembers her mother taking her to Bangor and New Hampshire, in addition to signing her up for cheerleading and gymnastics classes.

Her class is currently planting Mother’s Day flowers, and Thibodeau says her hollyhock and sunflower have “already sprouted.”

“When we take them home, I’m going to give them to my mom on Mother’s Day,” she said.

Sixth grader Jayden Edgecomb likes how her and her mother shop at the mall and “get a lot of stuff at Bath and Body Works.”

“Our house is filled with a lot of stuff by the time we’re done,” she said. “It’s like, we really got that much stuff?”

Edgecomb lives in an apartment surrounded by “a lot of land” and said she and her mom sometimes walk around the building.

“Sometimes we even have races (on foot),” she added. “And of course, I always win.”

The sixth grader and her father are planning on surprising mom with some gifts on her big day, and said she loves flowers, coloring books, and jewelry.

Meanwhile, kindergartener Jacob Cote didn’t hesitate to admit that he “listens to [his] mom more than [his] dad.”

Cote’s favorite memory of his mom is when she used to pick up his toys for him.

“Now my dad makes me pick up the toys,” he said. “Just me.”

He said his parents also let him drive a four-wheeler to their camp, a one-minute, supervised trip, and that his mom will always let him go as long as his dad is already there.

Cote didn’t have much to add, aside from the fact that he’s excited for Mother’s Day and loves his mom.

“I like her a lot,” he said.

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