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Island Falls notes (week of May 16, 2018)

All is still quiet in the Island Falls area, but on May 11 the Brick Garage Ice Cream opened its doors for the season and will be selling ice cream from Houlton Farms Dairy, plus the soft serve, but only on the weekends until Memorial Day. Libby (Drew) Moulton is the manager. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and be nice and warm and be good weather for a soft-serve or an ice cream.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pankratz are now at their summer home on Pleasant Pond, after spending the winter months in Orono. A couple of weeks ago they were up from Orono to see if the snow had gone enough for them to get to their cottage, but no luck. Since then we have had rain and the snow disappeared, so, back they came, but they had to stay at son Gary’s place for a short time as the snow near their place was still too thick. Things are now back to normal and they will spend the summer in their own cottage.

I haven’t seen the fat little woodchuck near my house for a week or so and hope he is far away. I do see an occasional gray squirrel loping around back near the cedar trees.

I have lots and lots of male and female finch and they really do a job on the tube feeder, emptying it every day. Last Sunday, about 9 a.m., I was getting ready to go out to the car when seven deer appeared on my front lawn, walking in single file, until they reached part of my driveway. Then they broke rank and some headed for the swampy area, while two or three just stood where they were and grazed. When I opened my door, they were off like a shot and all disappeared into the woods.

The grass is really getting green and it will soon be time for mowing. My jonquils are blooming, my perennials are coming up — so maybe spring is finally here.

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