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Raising a puppy involves a lot of ‘E-motions’ — Exciting and Enjoyable when you are faced with fuzzy-wuzzy faces, puppy-toothed grins and wiggly bodies on wobbly puppy legs.   Exhausting and Exasperating describe persuading your little critter that a night in the crate is not tantamount to Eternity in purgatory.

Puppy, of course, has an entirely different outlook and tries to Explain that point of view with squeaks, yowls, and the puppy equivalent to banging a tin cup across the bars on the cell.  

When you finally “cave” (and you will), you stagger out into the dark with your night clothes stuffed into ill-fitting boots.  The rest of your body shivers violently, either from inadequate outerwear or from physiological rejection of the whole concept of 2 a.m. forays into the backyard.  Through gritted, chattering teeth, you silently will Puppy to just go so you can go back to bed. Surely this patch of grass will be eminently better than the last six patches, closely examined but ultimately rejected.  Remind yourself that these things, too, shall pass.

Daytime puppy adventures are generally more positive Experiences, if only because humans are more susceptible to fuzzy and wuzzy when fully awake.  A short walk that might take 5 minutes alone extends itself toward half the morning if Puppy directs the rate of travel. “Puppy pin-ball” sends the leashed duo pinging from pin to post, racking up sensory points while careening down sidewalks and leaping 6-inch barriers with a single bound.  Wow, look at that squirrel. Whoa–fascinating smell over here. Cool, there’s dirt in this hole. What’s that noise? Oooh, a garbage truck.

From Puppy’s viewpoint, absolutely everything is brand new and potentially the very best thing in the whole wide world.   

“Puppy pin-ball” is seen at the Presque Isle Farmers Market as well.  While grocery store shoppers move briskly up and down linear aisles checking off items on a structured list before rushing off to their next destination, market patrons find their adventure defies both list and linear.  

Their inner puppy leads them to cross and re-cross the enclosure of assorted vehicles, wagons, folding tables, and pop-up tents as their attention is drawn to what catches their eye, tantalizes their nose, or intrigues their talents as a chef.  Woo-hoo, I smell fresh-roasted coffee. Yum, those baked goods look absolutely sinful. Finally, some fresh spring greens. Where is that grass-fed meat vendor? I’m thinking supper tonight is going to be awesome.

Forging and lagging, zigging and zagging, customers also find intriguing handiwork from the skilled hands and vivid imaginations of local artisans and crafters. Then herb starts and seedlings tempt them from afar and they are off in yet another direction.  

Exercise your inner puppy on opening day for the Presque Isle Farmers Market, this Saturday, June 2, from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., at our new Riverside location.  Exciting, Enjoyable, Engaging, Edible … the important part is that Market shoppers go home with positive E-motions of their own.

The Presque Isle Farmers’ Market president for the 2018 season is Deena Albert-Parks of Chops Ahoy Farm in Woodland. For information about participating or visiting the market, contact her at

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