Ark Animal Sanctuary (week of June 13, 2018)

We asking for everyone’s help. There is a cat missing from the Ludlow Road. His name is Bandit and he is an orange tabby with a tattered ear.

Bandit was adopted from The Ark a while back with his brother Pumpkin. Bandit is special needs he is a senior cat with limited vision and hearing, he also has no teeth. Bandit went missing from his new home about a month ago when the door got left open. The area behind the house is very dense with trees and Bandit ran into the woods.

We just found out that he was missing and have organized a search team and have been in touch with many of neighbors to be on the lookout.  We are broken hearted as Bandit holds a special place in all of our hearts, he is family and we will do whatever it takes to bring this sweet boy back home.

Some of the neighbors have been very supportive by letting us set traps in their yards and gain entrance to their property to search for him.  We have put his story on Facebook and are having flyers printed to post everywhere. We have set up game cameras. We want to find Bandit and bring him back home.

Generous supporters have gotten together and donated money for a reward. There is a $400 reward for his safe return. If you have seen Bandit or have any information of his whereabouts please contact Lorraine at The Hollywood Pet Salon  532-7387.

We have a glimmer of hope as someone spotted and orange tabby very close to the place he went missing from. It was in the early morning hours and once again he ran into the woods. We have people checking traps late at night and in the very early morning as this seems to be the time he is moving about. Bandit is a very timid cat so please do not chase him call us immediately if you see him at 532-7387 and give us a precise location.

Bandit has been out there for a month or more and I am sure he is hungry and scared he needs to get back home please help him make that journey. Please keep Bandit in your thoughts and prayers.

Anytime a cat goes missing the are certain things that should be done. Leave something outside with a familiar scent, set up a feeding station and leave fresh food and water daily.  Purchase a live trap and get it set. These traps are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at Tractor Supply. Go door to door and check with your neighbors.

Call the local shelters to be on the lookout in case the cat shows up there. Call the radio station and  have them do a public service announcement. Get the cats information and picture out on Facebook. Make up flyers and saturate the community with them.   With a little hard work and communication you will be able to find your cat.

Thank you for your continued support and as always thank you for reading our column.

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