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Reflections of Auschwitz?

To the editor:

What kind of country have we become, when children are ripped from their mothers’ arms, many only infants still bonding with their moms? (Christ referred to them as the “Holy Innocents.”) Put in cages, for there was no room for them. The latest plan is to house them in tents — “concentration camps”? These children are being scarred for life.

As my mind’s eye pictures a time 75 years ago, I see a railway track leading to the death camp of Auschwitz, where children were taken from their parents. Then they were put in a line that led directly to gas chambers.

We have a president that’s incapable of telling the truth. He blames the Democrats for passing a law that permits this. The truth is that he could prevent this injustice by making one phone call. He is using these kids as a bargaining chip.

Our only chance of ridding our country of this tyranny is the voting booth. Your vote does count. It’s also your responsibility to vote. Take a carload of voters with you during the midterm elections to change the Republican leadership that is making this possible. Have they no decency, have they no empathy, have they no compassion?

Kenneth “Pat” Nelson

Fort Fairfield

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