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A fan of Trump’s policies

To the editor:

I’ve just got to say it: “I am tremendously proud of our president.” Donald Trump made many promises during his campaign and, in the first two years of his presidency, he has tackled at least three-quarters of them.

He’s cut our taxes, protected our borders, elected solid nominees to our courts, created loads of jobs, reduced massive regulations and calmed the North Korean situation, while all the time facing a screaming mob of radical liberals who act like ravening wolves.

He’s now addressing the very unfair and oppressive tariffs our “allies” have levied on our country for decades. Cracking down on China’s outright thievery of our technical property and innovations. He’s defended Israel staunchly and even named Jerusalem as their rightful capital and moved the ambassadorship there.

This is a president that cuts through all the bull of the political theater and all the red tape and actually gets things done. Trump has the ability to take on unbelievable opposition, both sincere and laughable, disregard personal attacks and affronts, and make lethal shots to the heart of the matter at hand, which actually ends in change for the good.

Though his methods and the atmosphere of chaos which always results, largely on the side of the opposition who is left in a cloud of confusion, over and over again he has proven there is a method to his madness and he knows exactly what he is doing.

He is seeing to it our military has the most up-to-date hardware and software available so as to prevent those who would do our country harm from getting itchy trigger fingers. He is forcing our “allies” in NATO to live up to their agreement to pay their fair share. After eight years of the weakest presidency the U.S. has ever known, Trump is a breath of fresh air to those who are patriots, who love the United States of America.

To those who don’t want a strong country, but a united world government — well, he’s their worst nightmare. My support and prayers are with him.

Clare Kierstead

Presque Isle

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