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How to get rid of earwigs, one of the scariest bugs of lore

One of the most villainized bugs in history, the earwig has inspired truly gruesome myths and stories. But despite the insect’s intimidating pincers, it’s actually quite harmless to humans. Nevertheless, they are a nuisance. And as earwig numbers naturally grow throughout the summer, people are searching for ways to deal with these unwanted pests.

“I left for vacation on the 11th of this month, and there were some [earwigs] in two particular places: in the chicken grain bin and in the bulkhead of the house,” said Ronica Smith of Strong. “When we came back from vacation on the 23rd, they were, and are, everywhere. In the kitchen sink, in the tub, in my dishes, basement, crawling everywhere.”

Smith was recently a part of a discussion about earwigs, and more specifically how to eradicate them, on the public Facebook page “Maine Homesteading.” And from the posts, it’s clear she’s not the only one struggling with this particular creepy crawly.

“Right now at any given point, you could probably see three wherever you’re standing [in my house],” Smith said.

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