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Lobstah Fishin’

Did you ever have a time when you or someone else began to tell a story and everybody hung on every word? Well, back in 1998 when I was in training for the ministry, I had an opportunity to tell a yarn to our Sunday School secretary while we were setting up the class area. She  was so engrossed that she asked every morning what else was with the story. So, long story short I asked my boss, the lady who says yea or nay to the content of the material we publish and came up with a combined article. The first part will be Remember When and the second part will be fiction beginning with “Lobstah Fishin’ with Mickey!” Please let us know what you think as this story will have at least three and maybe more chapters, depending on how well my old brain works. Enjoy.

Lobstah Fishin with Mickey!  Some would say that I am OCD, oh for those of us who don’t know it, that stands for Old, Cranky and Dangerous!  That just ain’t so! I may be old and sometimes cranky but I am so old and cranky I’m not dangerous anymore. But that’s beside the point today. I got me a story that you will likely tell yer own kin as they grow up.  Ya see, I was born here in this town where lobstah fishin’ is the main source of income. Well, when I was 18 just after gradiatin’ from high school, I was walkin’ into town and I looked at the hahbah and I saw her there. She had the sweetest lines and the most gentle curves … no it weren’t no woman silly, it was the lobstah boat Jenny B. I fell in love with her right then and theah. Well, she was for sale. I got to thinkin’ and I was taught that to think is to act. So, I went to my best friend Mickey and I says to him I says, “Mickey, could you work for me if I had a lobstah boat?” Well, Mickey thought and then he kicked a rock and then he spit, nah he didn’t chew he just spit. Mickey says to me, “Ayuh, I guess I could work for you! But for one thing .. . you got no boat!” So I told him to wait right there and I headed for the bank. I came out of that bank ownin’ the Jenny B.

Watch next time for part 2.

Guy Woodworth, a Presque Isle native now living in Limestone, is a 1973 graduate of Presque Isle High School and a four-year Navy veteran. He and his wife Theresa have two grown sons and five grandchildren. He may be contacted at

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