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The smells of fall

As fall comes creeping in, as it usually does. It brings aromas from the wooded areas that are hard to forget. During harvest I remember the leaves having fallen from the trees and the smells they brought forth as we walked among the trees at lunch time.

But this was not the only smell for fall time.

The smell of dead potato tops also brought the idea of fall and harvest being just around the corner. The somewhat sweet aroma of newly turned earth brought the smell of harvest as the potatoes were turned out to be picked and sent to storage.

Now when I am driving behind a bulk truck loaded with potatoes, I catch the smell and sit and think back and remember when …

Lobstah Fishin’ with Mickey — part 4

Well, I tell ya, Mickey a dancin’ around the stern o’ that boat was a sight. But I figured I had bettah go help him out befoah he fell in the drink. I grabbed that lobstah and gave a tug and in the process tore the back pockets off his jeans. I sent him to the head to see if he had any cuts that needed tendin’ to and in the mean time I banded that crustacean’s claws.

When Mickey came back on deck, I stahted to ask if he was okay, and he just held up his hand. Well, I says to him, I says, “Mick, let’s go back about half the string and check befoah we header in foah the day. We just may get enough to fill the tank.” Ol’ Mick just nodded.

We checked the first 25 traps and got about 15 moah lobstahs and that almost filled the tank. We headed in to port, and Micky came into the wheelhouse and sat down and stood right back up again. I couldn’t help but chuckle and nod as we were gettin’ close to the fishery dock. The hands on the dock asked what kinda day we had and I just told ’em “Fine, just don’t ask Mickey.” That earned me anothah glare!

Catch the next column to find out what happens next.

Guy Woodworth, a Presque Isle native now living in Limestone, is a 1973 graduate of Presque Isle High School and a four-year Navy veteran. He and his wife Theresa have two grown sons and five grandchildren. He may be contacted at

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