Pet Talk – week of October 3, 2018

HOULTON, Maine — We are happy to announce that adoptions are up at the Houlton Humane Society! We’ve made a lot of people very happy. Of course, we love that! What’s better than seeing a deserving animal going to a loving home? Our staff does an excellent job screening so the animals get the best home for them. Our animals are all vetted and up to date on shots so all

Eeyore, a beautiful 4 month old neutered male cat that is up to date on his shots, is available for adoption at the Houlton Humane Society. He gets along with the other cats in the cat community room.
(Contributed photo)

you have to do is buy supplies and love them.

A few years ago we adopted a chocolate lab from Houlton Humane. He was found out on the edge of Houlton and no one ever came to claim him. Facebook, radio ads, and yet no one knew where he came from. We loved this boy with our whole hearts. He obviously had a lot of training and was the best dog ever. He loved his people! Tucker passed away last December and we are grieving still. You might wonder why I’m telling you such a sad story about an adoption. Tucker brought us an amazing amount of joy and happiness. Snowshoeing buddy, pond and mud puddle swimmer, hiking partner, sick bed companion, and best friend. This dog loved life and we loved him. The joy Tucker brought easily makes our sadness at losing him that much easier.

A friend adopted Coco, another chocolate lab from Houlton humane. Coco went through an adjustment phase when being brought home. A lot of love has turned this dog around to be a wonderful boy. They have stuck by him and helped him with any issues that come up and will continue with any issues that crop up. Coco is living the dream!

We have animals up for adoption. Some will be like Tucker and require nothing more than good nutrition to bring him back to normal. Some like Coco will require some training to become all they can be. Maybe you’re looking for a cat or kitten? We can help there! Come visit these cuties and you can have your own love stories!

Spot was brought in to the Houlton Humane Society by an animal control officer. He was abandoned and tied to a mail box. He is just over a year old. He would do better in a home without cats and children older than 10 as he is very active and may knock small children over. He needs lots of exercise so a large back fenced yard would suit him just fine.
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