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America: to be or not to be

To the editor:

The midterm elections are coming up Nov. 6, and by now, everyone should know why they’re voting. A few weeks ago I wrote why I would be voting for the Republican ticket due to the many things they’ve accomplished these last two years.

In my conversations with some Democratic friends, however, the only reason they have given for their plans to vote Democrat is their dislike for President Trump. Another time I’d consider the outlook short sighted, but typical, since voters often base all their votes on their feelings for the president.

This year, however, this attitude fills me with fear. Why?  Here is the Democrats’ plan if they win either majority in the Congress.

  1. Take back the tax refunds won last year.
  2. Open borders — no border security, anyone can come, stay or leave at will.
  3. Abolish ICE, the law enforcement group now charged with cracking down on MS-13 and illegal criminal immigrants inside the U.S.
  4. Impeach Trump.
  5. Impeach Kavanaugh.
  6. Enforce and expand Obamacare and fund it through more …
  7. Increased federal taxes.

Now, I’m a registered Republican and absolutely love how America’s economy is humming right now on all cylinders. Unemployment is down to 3.8 percent and reflects across all segments of the community. Tariffs, although painful in the short term, have resulted in much fairer trade agreements with Europe, Mexico and Canada and shortly, I believe, China will follow. Nations across the globe now respect America because they’re assisting them to stand on their own feet, not eternally expecting handouts from America — remember the Iran deal?

Why would anyone vote to stop this? The Dems’ plan, particularly open borders, will not only stop the economy but will spell the end of the United States as a sovereign country. Period. Socialism, which is what they’re talking about here, means they will be looking to working American taxpayers to pay for all who cross our borders. Anyone who wants to see what American will be like if the Dems take power only has to look at California — more specifically San Francisco.

Love him or not, President Trump has done a great job for Americans. But to continue, he needs Republicans in the House and Senate, not Democrats who have done nothing but obstruct. Trump’s new slogan really should be “Keep America,” because if the Dems take power this year there will no longer be an America.

Clare Kierstead

Presque Isle

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