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Strong turnout for election in southern Aroostook

HOULTON, Maine — Voters turned out in large numbers Tuesday to cast their ballots for a new governor and voice their opinions on many other state, regional and local posts and issues. 

In the gubernatorial election, Democrat Janet Mills was elected the state’s first female governor, beating out Republican Shawn Moody. Aroostook County, however, cast its support for Moody with 53.9 percent of the votes, compared to 38 percent for Mills.

Locally, Monticello residents supported Moody with 205 votes compared to 76 for Mills; Houlton voted 1,099 for Moody and 729 for Mills; Houlton endorsed Moody with 1,099 votes, while Mills received 729 votes; Danforth voters supported Moody with 180 votes, compared to 79 for Mills.

Island Falls voters also supported Moody with 183 votes, compared to 114 for Mills. Patten residents endorsed Moody with 221 votes, while Mills received 135 votes. In Stacyville, Moody received one of the largest percentages with 72.6 percent of the votes (114) compared to 22.9 percent (36 votes) for Mills.

The race for U.S. House District 2 between incumbent Bruce Poliquin and challenger Jared Golden remains too close to call and will not likely be decided for several days to come. As of Thursday morning, according to unofficial results gathered and tallied by newsroom staffers, Poliquin had 124,112 votes, while Golden had 123,410. Some voting precincts had yet to be reported.

Aroostook County endorsed Poliquin by a substantial margin as he collected 52.4 percent of the vote, compared to 39.7 for Golden.

Locally, Monticello residents supported Poliquin with 203 votes, while Golden received 77 votes; Houlton endorsed Poliquin over Golden 1,080 to 764; Danforth cast 165 votes for Poliquin and 92 for Golden; Island Falls supported Poliquin with 174 votes, while Golden received 116 votes; Patten voters endorsed Poliquin with 207 votes, while Golden received 126 votes; and Stacyville voted 105 for Poliquin and 37 for Golden.

In the U.S. Senate race, Independent Angus King won handily over Republican Eric Brakey. King had 54.5 percent of the vote statewide, compared to 35 percent for Brakey. Democrat Zak Ringelstein had 10.6 percent.

In Aroostook County, King received 53.7 percent of the vote, while Brakey collected 39.8 percent and Ringelstein had 6.6 percent. However, many communities in the southern Aroostook and northern Penobscot counties supported Brakey.

Monticello gave its support to Brakey with 158 votes, while King received 130 and Ringelstein had 17. Danforth also endorsed Brakey with 153 votes, compared to 115 for King and 15 for Ringelstein. Brakey also received the support of Patten voters with 176 ballots, compared to 171 for King, while Ringelstein had 18. In Stacyville, Brakey received 99 votes, compared to 58 for King and 23 for Ringelstein.

Houlton voters supported King with 1,053 votes, compared to 863 for Brakey and 121 for Ringelstein; Island Falls voters endorsed King with 159 votes, while Brakey collected 149 votes and Ringelstein had 14.

For Maine House District 141, which includes Danforth, Republican Kathy Javner received 72 percent of the vote to beat Democrat Donald Green (28 percent). Danforth voters supported Javner with 196 votes, compared to 81 for Green.

For Maine House District 143, which includes Patten, Democrat Stephen Staley (59.2 percent) defeated Republican Galen Hale (40.8 percent). Patten, however, supported Hale with 211 votes, compared to 172 for Staley.

For Maine House District 144, Republican Gregory Swallow edged Democrat Ted Sussman. Swallow received 53.8 percent of the vote, while Sussman received 46.2 percent. The seat was previously held by Roger Sherman. Houlton voters were split with Swallow receiving 1,041 votes compared to 998 for Sussman.

For Maine House District 145, Republican Chris Johansen was re-elected with 67 percent of the vote. Democrat Laura Farnsworth received 33 percent. Monticello voters supported Johansen with 230 votes, while Farnsworth received 71. Stacyville endorsed Johansen with 95 votes compared to 51 for Farnsworth. Island Falls voters, however, gave their support to Farnsworth with 184 votes, compared to 138 for Johansen.

One of the closest races was for the Maine Senate District 2 seat between incumbent Michael Carpenter (Democrat) and challenger Karen Reynolds (Republican). With 38 of 44 districts reporting, Carpenter had a slim lead of 51.4 percent of the votes, compared to 48.6 percent for Reynolds.

Locally, Monticello supported Carpenter with 177 votes, compared to 126 for Reynolds; Houlton endorsed Carpenter with 1,288 votes to 745 for Carpenter; Island Falls voters cast 173 ballots for Carpenter and 153 for Reynolds.

In Patten, Reynolds received the greater amount of votes with 210, compared to 175 for Carpenter. Stacyville followed suit as Reynolds received 101 votes versus 52 for Carpenter.

The race for the Maine Senate District 6 seat saw Republican Marianne Moore win with 62.6 percent of the vote, compared to 37.4 percent for Democrat Christina Therrien. Danforth voters endorsed Moore with 201 votes, while Terrien received 76.

Four of the five state referendum questions met with voter approval. Only Question 1, the home care question, failed to garner support with voters as 37.5 percent voted in favor and 62.5 percent opposed.

Question 2, the water quality and treatment bond, passed with 55 percent in favor and 45 percent opposed.

Question 3, the transportation infrastructure bond, passed with 68 percent in favor and 32 percent opposed.

Question 4, the Maine Universities bond, received 54.4 percent in favor and 45.6 percent opposed.

Question 5, the Maine Community Colleges bond, passed with 65 percent in favor and 35 percent opposed.

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