Letters to the Editor

America a mockery

To the Editor:

Addiction and crime committed to support it has become a war zone and epidemic in our country. It is killing our children and loved ones and robbing many of them of their minds. The enemy is well and very much alive on the planet Earth.

As long as the wealthy become wealthier and the poor become poorer, addiction will never cease. It breaks my heart to even say this. But America has become a den of thieves robbing and using the poor so to make themselves richer. Many rehabilitation centers are only there so to make money from our hurting children and loved ones. Prisons have become a huge corporation only to make money from our hurting loved one’s souls and the innocent victims as well.

Politics have become a joke to our society, and we the people pay for it and the politicians become wealthy themselves and very little is accomplished for the people. It has been this way for years. By the time politicians crucify one another through the press, we the people have to choose the best of the two evils instead of a good candidate.

When was the last time a poor person become a member of the U.S. House, the Senate or in the White House? The answer is very easy: never. The sad news is it will always be that way.

Jesus has been removed from the schools and, in reality, does God bless America anymore? I don’t think so. America has become a mockery to the nations. We the people suffer the brunt of it all as our loved ones are destroyed. A broken heart here my friend.

Eugene Allen
New Sweden

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