Letters to the Editor

A salute to the Young Messengers

To the editor:

For many years I have refrained from writing to the Pioneer Times for many reasons. Today, I make an exception. This is for you Young Messengers. First, you gave me honors Saturday, July 6, but it was not my “doing.” It was you — the teens of Christian beliefs who made it happen.

You were not in an easy situation in the 1970s early on, but you faced up to your beliefs through the music of your faith. Music that was new to your church elders — including me. Rock-style guitars, drums and  tambourines, with church music. Not really!

You teenagers were true to your faith despite the chastening of some of your peers. You were strong determined, unified, respectful and more of the aforementioned. Why? I could continue, but I will say you were kind to think of me and connect me with your endeavors but I want to say there were others in the family of mine, especially my love. He was there all the time with our four kids at home.

Your parents supplied the chaperone duties, sewing the outfits, supplying spare change for trips and most of all the respect of your ambitions.

Much credit to the Methodists who said ‘yes’ to your use of the church for rehearsals and later, as the program grew, to other churches in other places as well as the school systems allowing us to come in and present our beliefs.

I will not mention names for I would forget some who should have been mentioned so let me just say “you” are one of many. 

And so today almost 50 years later, what is my challenge?

First, to the teens of 2020. Look to yourself and say, Will I have a strong faith 50 years from today? Do I have a strong faith today? Can I live the way of my faith today? Am I strong enough to be that person and will I continue?

To the adult world: Do you still have the strength, the enthusiasm, the leadership skills necessary to lead, teach and live that faith through your generations to come. 

In closing, I am grateful for the music. I love to have lived my faith all these years and the strength of my belief to continue. God Bless.

Kay Trickey

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