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On a downhill slide

To the editor:

The people we elected to the House of  Representatives and Senate, along with the White House, are in turmoil because of one woman’s desire to impeach our president. She wants to leave a legacy that she made history by impeaching President Trump.

The people elected President Trump to the office, so let the people remove him from office.

For the next year, our government will be tied up with the impeachment and an election year, instead of working to solve our health care for the elderly, our veterans of Korea and Vietnam, and our homeless.

It reminds me of how Hitler came to power in Germany in the 1930s. It can happen here in America.

In 1776 when the Constitution was written, rulers of other countries said it would not last.

Are our modern-day leaders making that prediction come true? Many of our servicemen and women died and were wounded to preserve the American way of life.

Is it just possible one generation of Americans will do away with the Constitution or change the meaning of the wording? It can happen.

Howard E. Worthington, MSgt. USAF, Retired
Presque Isle

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