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Snowmobile Trail Report, Feb. 6, 2020

CARIBOU, Maine — The trails and club have been extremely busy this week as the traffic volume is still up during the middle of the week.  With the expected big storm coming in Thursday and Friday trails will need some time to be worked on.

This is much needed snow as we have not had any fresh stuff to work with.  Clubs and operators are extremely happy for it and will be out as soon as it ends.  The weatherman is predicting heavy winds Friday night and with the snow being fluffy, drifting is certain to occur.  If you are out and about on Friday night, please take it slow and ride with caution.

Something that will help clubs out is when riding this weekend on fresh snow please don’t just ride down the center.  Every track helps to pack the snow.

Deer are all over the place, trail 83B, ITS 83 in the Caribou and Washburn area have deer travelling the trail.  ITS 85 in the Ashland area are reporting several sightings. So please use caution.


Soldier Pond is reporting good conditions and will be back out the minute the snow stops.

Walker siding is reporting that they will be all groomed by Friday and are reporting trails to be in good shape.

Washburn is reporting good trails and are looking forward to the upcoming new snow.  Sledders please expect to see the groomer out during the day this weekend as they will be grooming.  They will keep everyone informed on Facebook. Trail 61 is still closed.

Nordic Lakers reporting good conditions and will be out after the snow.

Portage Lakers are reporting good conditions and will be out after the new snow.

Caribou is reporting good conditions and have been busy grooming all week.  They will be back at it after the snow.

Fort Kent is reporting that they have hit everything before the storm and will be out immediately after.

Eagle Lake is reporting excellent conditions.  There is logging on 85 and caution should be used in these areas.  There are several sections of plowed roads so please use caution. They are marked very well.

Fort Fairfield is reporting good conditions.

St. Francis Sno-Angels reporting they have been over their whole trail system and reporting smooth conditions.  92 and 92A are all groomed. They are reporting a lot of moose activity near Chamberland’s store. They will be back at it after the snow.

Central Aroostook Snowmobile club reporting ITS 83 and 81 are in great shape.  #9 trail to Monticello and #9 Lake will be most likely closed all winter due to logging.  Signs are being knocked down by Moose in the T10R3 area on ITS 81 and trail 70A. They will be at it after the new snow.

Ashland is reporting reporting good conditions.  71A is now open and signed, it is different than years past so please follow sign.  If you want to see deer this is the town and trail system to do so. Use caution. They will be back in full force after the storm.

Allagash is reporting good conditions and will be out directly after the storm.  The Estcourt trail is in great shape and is getting quite a bit of traffic. Please know before you go.  Check out the Moosetown Facebook page and they have all the information that you need.

Frenchville is reporting all trails groomed and in great shape.  They will be out at it once it stops snowing.

Red Arrow is reporting good conditions and are anxiously waiting the new snow.

Chapman Ridge Runners are reporting excellent conditions and can’t wait for the new snow.

Aroostook River Snowmobile club are reporting trails flat and wide and will not be out until after the storm.

Easton has been out and are reporting very good conditions.  It will take them several days to get everything as they have a lot of open terrain.

Madawaska is reporting all trails are in good condition.  It’s no secret that Northern Maine has some of the best snowmobile trails, but with the lack of snow in Southern Maine and many other locations we are seeing a larger than normal influx of snowmobile traffic.

With that being said, the town has always been helpful in allowing snowmobiles to utilize the sides of town roads to get to businesses in downtown Madawaska, but we ask you to respect the local landowners and use caution while accessing our local businesses.

If you are going to fuel at Daigle Oil Company (off 83C), please note that the town has opened the snowbank between the old shopping mall plaza parking lot and the back of the Legion parking lot. PLEASE: Do not cross on the sidewalk in front of the Legion putting Legion members at risk coming in and out of the building! (See picture below: Green Circle is Daigle Oil Company and Orange is Daigle Sports Center)

Grand Isle is reporting good conditions.

Presque Isle Snowmobile club is reporting good conditions.

Van Buren is reporting ok conditions.  Once the snow stops, they will be getting some help from Caswell and Grand isle to help open their trails.  They are hoping to be back in action early next week. Logging operation on trail 94 in the Cyr Plantation area, it is signed, please use caution

Limestone Snow Hawks have been out and reporting good conditions.  They will be back out after the storm. Caution is advised as there is a logging operation on trail 100A.  The trail is signed

Caswell is reporting good conditions and will be back at it after the snow.


Molunkus Valley snowmobile club are reporting trails groomed and reporting good conditions.  Still have a few wet spots on ITS 83 South of Route 2. Wildlife is being seen all over so please use caution.

At Shin Pond/ Mattagamon, all trails were groomed Wednesday. Mattagamon groomed 85 North and South from Shin Pond. Shin Pond groomed 114/85 south to Whetstone Bridge (PT13) and 114/85 North to meet with Oxbow and 85 South/71D to meet Libby Camps groomer.

East Grand Snowmobile Club is planning on grooming all of 105 on Saturday after the storm.  The club was able to get some great volunteer help from the East Grand Outdoor Education Students.  They helped to widen out a corner on trail 105 near the school. This was done as the groomer had a difficult time to turn left when they were coming from the South.

Oxbow-Masardis snowmobile club are reporting after a very busy weekend, we hit the trails on Monday and Tuesday getting them back in shape. While we did groom last Friday and Saturday nights the heavy traffic did have a high impact on all trails. The predicted snow coming end of the week will eventually help with trails conditions.

ITS 85/81 has been groomed and is good and will get even better with new snow.

ITS 86 has been groomed twice this week so far and is in great condition.

The 71-A trail Ashland to Oxbow has been seeing a lot of use and is good condition. The river crossing is holding well.

The weatherman is calling for 12”- 16” of snow Thursday into Saturday morning. I will take some time to get that much snow packed down and groomed. We are asking riders to help us by packing the entire trail not just a single trial down the middle. This helps us with grooming and it’s much safer for snowmobilers.

The forecast sounds good for 12 “of snow and possibly more snow on Thursday and Friday, this is excellent timing to prolong the season. Clubs will be back out when the storm winds down to bring the best possible riding for a great weekend.

The Eastern Maine Snow Riders are reporting excellent trail conditions in the Macwahoc area. They will be out again after Fridays storm!

Smoki Haulers Snowsled Club in Oakfield groomed from the clubhouse to the West Branch on Wednesday and are currently grooming 83 North to Linneus, 61 South as well as the Oakfield in-town trail. Conditions are awesome!

The Meduxnekeag Ramblers continue to keep 86 to St. Croix in top shape and groomed on Wednesday night. Club Trail 81 is also groomed. They will be out after the storm to make sure the trails are ready for what is shaping up to be a great weekend of sledding in Southern Aroostook!

Linneus Sno-Sports – Trail 70 to 11 and then to 105 is now open. Please use caution as there ae several logging roads in use. Trail 64 was groomed last night. Groomers will be out as soon as the storm is over!

Rockabema Snow Rangers in Patten are grooming 81 North to 112East to 64 and back to 81 South to town.

Big Valley Snow Club at Birch Point has reported that all trails are groomed and ready for whatever the snowstorm brings. They are looking forward to a busy weekend!

Remember breakfast is still being served from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Saturday at the Meduxnekeag Ramblers Clubhouse on the Wiley Rd. You can also enjoy breakfast on Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and lunch from 10 to 2 at the Linneus Sno Sports Clubhouse in Linneus. Support your clubs so they can keep hosting these great meals!

For the most accurate and up-to date weather information, please visit NOAA at


Fort Fairfield is hosting a breakfast this Sunday at the Clubhouse which is located on the Strictland road.  7-10

Portage Lakers are hosting their annual pie auction this Saturday, it will be held at the Portage town hall which is located directly behind Coffins store.  For more info. check their Facebook page.

Cold Mountain Snowmobile club will be hosting a breakfast on February 16 at the Grand Isle Community Center from 7-11

Presque Isle Snowmobile Club hosts their Stew Nights on Fridays from 5 to 7 p.m.

Washburn Trail Runners clubhouse will be open Friday and Saturday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Sunday, 7 a.m. to 12.

St. Francis Sno-Angels clubhouse will be open on Saturdays for lunch starting at 11.  Pool tournament every Saturday starting at 7 p.m.

Cold Mountain Snowmobile Club will be hosting a breakfast on February 16 at the Grand Isle Community Center from 7 to 11.

Moosetown Riders will be hosting a one-day ice fishing derby on Beau and Glazier lakes from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m.  For more info. check their Facebook page.

East Grand Ice Fishing derby will be held on February 15 from sunrise to sunset, location will be at Cowger’s Lakefront Cabins.  Proceeds are to help with the new LifeFlight landing zone on Greenland Cove Road. Check Facebook for more info.

Meduxnekeag Ramblers Snowsled Club hosts breakfast every Saturday during the season from 6 to 9 a.m.

Molunkus Valley will host a poker run on Saturday, Feb. 15.

Looking to help the Limestone Snow Hawks Feb. 22, trying to get some vintage sleds together at the Rendezvous in Limestone for a display when the poker run ends at 12. Spread the word. Step time will be 11 to 12; show will end at 2. No cost for the display so bring as many sleds as you want.

Sly-Brook Sno-Riders Club are hosting a steak/chicken dinner on Saturday, Feb. 22, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at their clubhouse.

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