Mother Nature unpredictable

18 years ago
What a difference a week or two can make for Maine weather this time of year. A little over a week ago, crews were busy clearing parking lots for holiday shoppers. By the time Christmas rolled around, green grass was once again visible, with no snow for Santa’s sleigh and reindeer to traverse.

But the day after Christmas Mother Nature made yet another appearance, bringing with her a National Weather Service prediction of between two and four inches by Tuesday afternoon, with an additional one to three inches possible in the evening.

While temperatures hovered in the 30s for what seemed like weeks, highs for this week are predicted in the mid-20s, with lows in the teens. NWS predicts the remainder of the week will be partly cloudy.

Police were kept busy on Tuesday, responding to several fender benders throughout Aroostook County, as drivers took skating expeditions with their automobiles – courtesy of the white stuff melting on roadways, then freezing and creating icy road conditions.

Drivers were advised to use caution and to reduce speeds to help limit the possibility of having an accident.