Local swimmers win meet

17 years ago

    PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Presque Isle High School hosted a swim meet Jan. 26 with Caribou and Foxcroft Academy. In boys competition, the Wildcats defeated Foxcroft, 34-17 and Caribou, 38-11. On the girls side, Foxcroft defeated Presque Isle, 47-40 and Caribou, 58-35.
    In the Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay, the Ponies team of Whitney Wright, Julia Kurzius, Renee Maheau and Jillian Pearsall posted a time of 2:25.07 to take top honors over second-place Presque Isle’s Allison Young, Karrie Brawn, Emilee Currie and Amanda Bruton at 2:29.05. In third place, were Caribou swimmers Briana Caron, Nicole Nadeau, Robin Knoll and Samantha Cross in 2:38.40 while Foxcroft’s Becky Kendrick, Katie Dever, Soo Hyur and Na Rae Lee placed fourth with 2:59.07 followed by Caribou’s Rachel Jordan, Annie Burgess, Paige Bradstreet and Laura Tardiff in fifth place at 3:06.12.
Foxcroft’s Pearsall won the Girls 200 Yard Freestyle with a time of 2:29.66 followed by PIHS’s Brawn at 2:45.02 and FA’s Maheau at 2:51.91. Other finishers were Bradstreet (CHS) at 3:06.47; Desiree Higgins (PIHS) at 3:07.41; and Tardiff (CHS) at 3:29.50.
Joey Johnson of Presque Isle won the Boys 200 Yard Freestyle with a time of 2:42.56.
Whitney Wright of Foxcroft won the Girls 200 Yard IM with a time of 2:57.08 followed by Nicole Nadeau (3:02.89) and Robin Knoll (3:17.51), both of Caribou. PIHS’s Currie placed fourth with a time of 3:17.61.
Presque Isle’s Cameron Winter won the Boys 200 Yard IM with a time of 3:46.45.
In the Girls 50 Yard Freestyle, Presque Isle’s Bruton (29.81) bested Cross of Caribou (30.33) for first place, followed by Currie (PIHS) at 35.88, Dever (FA) at 36.67, Caron (CHS) at 39.47 and Won Kyung Hwang (FA) at 41.59.
Foxcroft’s Isaac Almy posted a 24.61 to win the Boys 50 Yard Freestyle followed by Mike Yu (PIHS) at 29.15; Henry Gaudion (FA) at 31.81; John Forbes (CHS) at 32.03; David Desilets (CHS) at 34.82 and Jacob Brawn (PIHS) at 36.33.
Bradstreet of Caribou won the Girls 100 Yard Butterfly with a mark of 1:36.28 followed by teammate Knoll at 1:37.33 and Hyur of Foxcroft at 1:45.75.
In Girls 100 Yard Freestyle, Presque Isle’s Bruton won with a time of 1:06.41 while Foxcroft’s Pearsall placed second at 1:08.55 and Young of PIHS finished third at 1:09.60. Other top finishers were Nadeau (CHS) at 1:13.18; Lee (FA) at 1:26.36; and Tardiff (CHS) at 1:31.25.
Yu of PIHS won the Boys 100 Yard Freestyle race with a score of 1:08.74 followed by Jake Thebault-Spieker of Foxcroft at 1:11.31 and Caribou’s Desilets at 1:34.21.
In the Girls 500 Yard Freestyle competition, Kurzius of Foxcroft won with a time of 6:07.88 followed by Caribou’s Cross at 7:20.02 and Paige McEachern of Presque Isle at 8:38.20. On the boys side, Caribou’s Forbes placed first with a time of 7:13.87 followed by PIHS’s Winter at 8:57.55.
The team of Brution, Higgins, Currie and McEachern (PIHS) won the Girls 200 Yard Freestyle relay with a score of 2:22.51. Foxcroft (Kendrick, Hyur, Lee and Dever) placed second at 2:33.65; Caron, Pelletier, Burgess and Tardiff of Caribou finished third at 2:53.15; and Jordan, Guerrette, Gagnon an Ouellette (CHS) was fourth at 3:05.77.
Presque Isle won the Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay with Johnson, Yu, Brawn and Winter posting a time of 2:21.29.
Foxcroft’s Wright won the Girls 100 Yard Backstroke with a time of 1:18.53 followed by Young (PIHS) at 1:24.27; Maheau (FA) at 1:32.15; Caron (CHS) at 1:34.60; and Jordan (CHS) at 1:45.95. On the boys side, Thebault-Spieker of Foxcroft won in a time of 1:22.89.
In the Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke, Kurzius of Foxcroft won with a time of 1:24.49 followed by Brawn (PIHS) at 1:33.91; McEachern (PIHS) at 1:40.94; Dever (FA) at 1:50.47; and Burgess (CHS) at 1:59.38. On the boys side, Almy of Foxcroft scored a 1:17.35 to beat out PIHS’s Johnson (1:24.73), teammate Gaudion (1:31.03) and PIHS’s Brawn (1:45.63) for first place.
Foxcroft won the Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay as Pearsall, Wright, Maheau and Kurzius scored 4:52.15 ahead of Caribou’s team of Cross, Bradstreet, Knoll and Nadeau at 5:08.19; PIHS’s Brawn, Higgins, McEachern and Young at 5:25.71 and FA’s Lee, Hwang, Shin and Hyur at 6:27.68. The Presque Isle team of Yu, Brawn, Johnson and Winter won the boys competition at 5:46.39.