Work toward solving educational issues

17 years ago

To the editor:
I have watched with interest Governor Baldacci’s proposed education reform plan. Being an individual who does not like to respond until the “dust settles” I now find that this is an ever-changing storm even as I write this.     I have read and researched a massive amount of material as it has come to me and see only confusion and changing understanding of the mechanics it is going to take to meet timeframes and details to complete this plan.
Many of us work in the communities we serve and have a pulse on what people want for their children. Many of us have friends and family members who work in the school system we serve, which is by the way quite often the largest employer in the district. We serve because we care about children.
Now we find that we will be serviced by “super boards” which may or may not have representation from our schools and complete power for operation of our districts. We are told we must consolidate services in order to ease taxpayer burden. Perhaps we do but the thing that is being overlooked here is that some of us are working to do exactly that. We have proactive superintendents that seek to bring about those changes and provide the cost savings to the districts they serve.
The small schools in this state operate very efficiently the way they are and given the opportunity we will continue to work for the benefits of our own communities. Our students will go on to become successful and many will sit in the positions we now sit in with the same pride and desire to do the best for the students and citizens in their districts.
Taking local control away from the very people who choose to live, work and contribute to the small communities in this state is not the answer. Please let your senators and representatives know that this plan is not the solution to the problem. We need to continue to work towards solving educational issues not end up with having to look for answers to the solutions that are being forced upon us.

Connie Heald