17 years ago

To the editor:
Typically, Presque Isle Area Chamber of Commerce news is covered through regular, well written and very appreciated articles by The Star-Herald staff. This time through a letter, however, I share a very big change within our Chamber office. After 10 1/2 years with the Chamber, Tammy Hatt, Administrative Assistant, has accepted the position of Financial Manager for Personal Services of Aroostook, ironically the agency I operated before coming to the chamber in 2002.
    Tammy has provided exceptional customer service on behalf of our area and has been efficient and proficient with her many duties. She has been instrumental with creating projects such as the PIACC membership directory and bi-annual Presque Isle Map & Guide. Her work as support-staff for our 14 committees, handling the finances, and the always-pleasant voice while seeking sponsors or answering questions have been assets of this organization.
As most readers know, chamber work is typically a “short-term” profession due to busy work schedules, dealing with a spectrum of projects, and the periodic “personality”. I have been fortunate to have Tammy, and Valerie Lunn of five years, continue on with the challenging work. Of the nine chambers and staff in Aroostook County, Tammy is the longest serving chamber employee by over three years.
Tammy has been, kindly termed, a fixture in our office that will leave us on March 30th. We extend a heartfelt thank you for your dedication to the organization and hope you enjoy the new challenge that awaits you.

Allen Deeves, executive director
Presque Isle Area Chamber of Commerce