Well, I guess I was wrong

17 years ago

To the editor:
I find that I must respond to Mr. Cyr’s article about my rant. I am sorry Mr. Cyr; you would think that the lessons of the last six years would have indoctrinated me by now, but I guess I’m just too thick to understand.
    I’d like to apologize to you for thinking that free speech constitutes a rant. One can only say what one believes to be true and if others take it as a diatribe then it stands to reason that the person speaking must be at fault.
I’m also sorry that I didn’t come up with the word “Islamofascism”, but where I grew up we just called the enemy “the enemy”. But, truthfully, it’s a cool word, I like it. Although it sounds suspiciously like Rush Limbaugh’s “feminazi” and other words Mr. Limbaugh has invented.
I would like to apologize for propagating the idea that the people who flew into the Towers were not Iraqis. I could have swore that I read that the murderers of 9/11 were Saudis based in Afghanistan. But you must understand my confusion, on the “Fox Channel” the Middle East looks pretty much all alike. In fact I feel a little relief today to find that it was the Iraqis that started the war. This knowledge makes me feel a little bit better when I see our brave young soldiers of this great state being lowered into the ground while children cry and wives, husbands, mothers and fathers stare straight into nothingness.
You will never believe how bad I feel because of the misinformation I have spread. I have, because I’ve been misled, told everyone who would listen that the box cutters were carried onto those planes by Saudi citizens not Iraqis. Also, to those who I have warned in my delusional state that religious intolerance is the enemy, forget everything I said, it’s the Iraqis.
And finally, I promise to all those reading this, from now on I will only watch the Fox news channel. I further promise that I will no longer question my president or exercise my right to free thinking. It’s time that people like me came to our senses and realized that if our president said it, then it has to be true. From now on I will stop people on the street and tell them of the good news I received today, it was the Iraqis all along. They flew those planes into the Towers and those wonderful people in countries whose oil we covet are the salt of the earth and wish us nothing but good.
Thank you Mr. Cyr for setting me straight. I feel better.
As a two-tour veteran of another righteous war called Vietnam, I am saddened and ashamed of my pacifism. I will sleep better tonight knowing that I have unburdened my conscience and have admitted to being a danger to my country because of my liberal leanings. May God, America and Mr. Cyr forgive this poor misguided creature.
Thank you for being concerned enough to sit down and straighten me out. By the way, in what stanza of our country’s national anthem does it say “America the perfect”?

David Daniel Beckom
Mars Hill