PIHS recognizes winter athletes

17 years ago

Presque Isle High School recently held its Winter Sports Awards Night. Not only were the athletes honored for their dedication to their respective sports, but they were also treated with a slide show with photos from the past season contributed by families and fans.
   For junior varsity cheering, coach Jolene Kinney presented the following students with certificates: Meghan Boucher, Kaitlin Calabrese, Anna Harris, Brooke Henderson, Lorraine Huges, Jenna Kitchen, Mackenzie Lamoureaux, Whitney Lapointe, Bethany Lord, Haley McHatten, Macie Tompkins, Jocelyn Davis and Tanya Rosten.
Mandy Putnam, varsity cheering coach, presented the following athletes with their first-year letter: Naiomi Donovan, Lorraine Hughes, Jordyn Kinney, Brittany Brown, Rachel Churchill, Brittany Duncan, Marissa Littlefield, Jordyn Madore and Jenna Watt.
Receiving their second-year letters were athletes Rebekah Shaw, Autumn Whittaker, Angela Barnes, Kassandra Dumais, Amanda Lynds, Hayley Ritchie and Charlie Kirk.
The following students received their third-year letters: Brianne Calabrese, Allesha Dockery and Nicole Michaud.
For varsity swimming, coach Joyce Price presented first-year letters to Jacob Brawn, Karrie Brawn, Emilee Currie, Desiree Higgins and Cameron Winter. Second-year letters were presented to Paige McEachern and Allison Young. Mike Fu, Amanda Bruton and Joey Johnson all received third-year varsity letters.
Eric Hendrickson, coach of the varsity skiing team, presented certificates to Justin Towle, Adam Curtis and Faizaan Shamsi. First-year varsity letters were presented to Hallie Bartlett, Julia Brown, Kelsey Park, Lucas Mathers, Jared Wezner and Andrew Duplessis.
Second-year letters were given to Anne Elish, Amber Griffin, Eric Morris, Jen Steeves, Erika McKay and Adam Chandler.
Skiers receiving their third-year letters were Kristena McKenney, Corey Park, Kurtis Perkins, Nick Shaw, Erin Thomas, Layne Waddell, Joel Whitaker, Tom Barnes, and Sam Porter.
Molly Hamel and Amanda Underwood received their fourth-year varsity letter in skiing.
Coach Carl Flynn and assistant coach John Haley presented the awards for varsity hockey. Casey Carson, manager, received a certificate.  Awarded first-year letters were athletes Zac Campbell, Mitchell Davis, Steve Ford, Jason Martin, Brennen Shaw, Mitchell Sperrey, Josh Buck, Mark Carvell, Spencer Deschene and manager Meredith Kilpatrick.
Receiving second-year letters were Dylan Collins, Ethan Hill, Lucas McPherson and Matt Talbot. Greg Cyr, Brandon Daigle, Sean Flanagin, Parker Hovey, Jared Buck and Ben McPherson all received third-year letters.
Some athletes were also recognized at the ceremony for special achievements they earned during the season. The Eastern Maine Hockey Coaches Association appointed McPherson to third team, Cyr to second team, and Shaw was appointed All-Rookie. Also, McPherson was named Senior All-Star and recognized with honorable mention were Collins, Daigle and Hovey.
All-Aroostook athletes included skiers Park, Bartlett, Thomas, Morris, Griffin, Steeves and Mathers.
All-Aroostook swimmers were Johnson, Yu, Brawn, Bruton, Currie and Young.
Those recognized as Penobscot Valley Conference Scholar Athletes were Chandler, Hamel and Shamsi.
Porter received a sweatshirt for having earned six varsity letters in cross-country, skiing and tennis. Varsity jackets were awarded to Hamel and Underwood for lettering all four years in skiing.