Local teams travel south for State Track/Field meet

17 years ago

Teams from Presque Isle, Caribou, Limestone-Maine School of Science and Mathematics and Fort Fairfield traveled downstate on Saturday, June 2 to compete in the Class B and C State Track and Field Meets.

The Class B meet was held at Windham High School, and both Caribou and Presque Isle performed well with warm and sunny weather conditions, despite calls for rain. Both teams had many athletes that qualified throughout the season to compete in the state championships; and the athletes did not disappoint, with many placing in scoring positions in the individual events.
The Caribou High School girls team placed 14th overall in the meet, with a score of 15. On the boys side, Caribou High School placed eighth overall, with a score of 32; while Presque Isle High School placed 19th, with a score of 10.
The Class C Meet was held at Foxcroft Academy, with Fort Fairfield coming in 25th on the girls side, with a score of 7. For the boys, Limestone/MSSM came in 13th, with a score of 18; while Fort Fairfield was 24, with a score of four.
Individually, for the Class B girls competition, Caribou High School’s 4×800 meter relay team came in seventh, with a time of 10 minutes and 34 seconds. The team consisted of runners Kristina Stephens, Hannah Saunders, Megan Bossie and Janelle Gagnon. The Presque Isle relay team, consisting of Julia Brown, Krista Buck, Jerica Fox and Kailee Ireland, placed 15th, with a time of 11:11.
In the girls 100 meter dash, Amber Griffin, of Presque Isle, placed 13, with a time of 13.52 seconds; and teammate Sarah Tompkins placed 30th, with a time of 14.17.
Hannah Saunders and Karcynn Dorsey, both of Caribou, placed second and third, respectively in the 1.600 meter race walk. Saunders finished the event in 8 minutes and 43 seconds, while Dorsey finished in 8:49.
Megan Bossie, of Caribou, finished the girls 1.600 meter run in 5 minutes and 45 seconds, earning her 16th place. The Presque Isle 4×100 meter relay team, consisting of Kailee Ireland, Jerica Fox, Krista Buck and Katrina Whittier, came in 18th with a time of 55.76 seconds. Caribou’s relay team, with Meg Bossee, Victoria Dorman, Christine Savage and Erin Buck competing, came in 22nd in 1:01.56.
Katrina Whittier, of Presque Isle, came in 16th in the girls 300 meter hurdles, with a time of 51.53 seconds. In the girls 800 meter run, Amber Griffin, of Presque Isle, came in 14th, with a time of 28.03 seconds.
Hannah Saunders, of Caribou, finished the girls 3,200 meter run in 12 minutes and 19 seconds, earning a 10th place finish in the event. Kristina Stephens, also of Caribou, came in 12th with a time of 12:26.
Presque Isle High School’s 4×400 meter relay team, Kailee Ireland, Krista Buck, Amber Griffin and Katrina Whittier, finished the race in 4 minutes and 36 seconds, earning the team 13th place in the state. Caribou’s team, consisting of Victoria Dorman, Erin Buck, Karyn King and Kristina Stephens, finished the event in 4:40, and placed 19th in the state.
Ashley Williamson, of Presque Isle, and Paige Bradstreet, of Caribou, finished in ninth and 14th place, respectively, in the discus throw. Williamson reached a distance of 89 feet with her throw, while Bradstreet achieved an 81-foot throw.
In the girls shot put, Katrina Whittier came in 13th for Presque Isle, with a distance of 30 feet and eight inches. Paige Bradstreet also competed in the event and threw the shot put 25-09.
For the boys Class B individual results, Caribou High School came in first place in the 4×800 meter relay. The team, consisting of Stefan Ciszewski, Spencer McElwain, Drew Freme and Sam Sheehan, finished the race in eight minutes and 23 seconds. Presque Isle’s team also competed in the event and finished in 17th place with a time of 9:35.83. The Wildcats’ team consisted of runners Brandon Hafford, Thomas Barnes, Nathan Ackerson and Corey Park.
In the boys 110 meter hurdles, Presque Isle’s Elizan McLean came in 11th, with a time of 17.42 seconds. Caleb Swanberg, of Caribou, finished the event in 16th place in 18.13.
Robby Blaisdell, of Caribou, came in 18th for the 100 meter dash, crossing the finish line in 11.99 seconds. Nate Swan and Tyler Theriault, both of Caribou, finished the event in 26th and 27th place, respectively, with times of 12.23. Parker Brown and Evan Richards, both of Presque Isle, finished the race in 28th and 30th place, respectively, in 12.52 and 12.61 seconds.
Mac Srisamaikul, of Caribou, finished the 1,600 meter race walk in third place in 7 minutes and 56.29 seconds. His teammate, Finn Bondeson, finished in fourth place in 8:05.98.
Corey Park completed the 1.600 meter run in sixth place, with a time of 4 minutes and 37.73 seconds. Stefan Ciszewski and Josh Tardif, both of Caribou, finished the race in 15th and 18th place, respectively, with times of 4:52.03 and 4:54.23.
In the 4×100 meter relay, Caribou High School’s team, consisting of Robby Blaisdell, Tyler Theriault, Rub Schuster and Nate Swan, came in 17th with a time of 48.11 seconds. Caribou’s Ben Smith came in sixth for the boys 200 meter dash in 52.81 seconds.
Corey Park, of Presque Isle, finished in fifth place for the 800 meter, with a time of 2 minutes and 3.35 seconds. Drew Freme and Jesse Stephens, both of Caribou, came in 16th and 20th, respectively, with times of 2:12.51 and 2:15.49.
Sam Sheehan, of Caribou, also took the first place finish in the boys 3,200 meter run, completing the race in 9 minutes and 44.55 seconds. Sheehan’s teammate, Spencer McElwain, finished the event in 12th place with a time of 10:25.67.
In the 4×400 meter relay, the Viking team of Jordan Powers, Rob Schuster, Nate Swan and Drew Freme, came in 18th place with a time of 3 minutes and 53.98 seconds. Presque Isle’s team, consisting of Nathan Ackerson, Brandon Hafford, Anthony Carbone and Matthew Flora, came in 21st, with a time of 4:09.20.
Robby Blaisdell, of Caribou, came in 17th in the boys long jump, with a distance of 17 feet and 5.5 inches. Gerard Desjardins, of Presque Isle, was 21st in the triple jump, with a distance of 37-01.
Jason Johnson, of Presque Isle, came in sixth for the discus throw event, achieving a distance of 117 feet and three inches. In the shot put, Ryan Winslow, of Presque Isle, came in fifth, with a distance of 44 feet and 8.75 inches. Matt Harris, also of Presque Isle, came in 12th, with a distance of 39-10.25; and Andrew Adams, of Caribou, was 16th, with a distance of 37-10.5.
On the Class C, girls side, Fort Fairfield’s team was well represented in many of the events at the meet. Rose-Mary Williams came in seventh in the 1,600 meter race walk, with a time of 9 minutes and 22.25 seconds. Shannon Towle came in 21st in the 1,600 meter run, with a time of 6 minutes and 9.93 seconds. The Fort Fairfield 4×100 meter relay team came in 21st, with a time of 59.12 seconds. The Lady Tigers team consisted of Heather Hathaway, Alison Blaisdell, Maryl Shaw and Hilary McNamee.
Also for Fort Fairfield, Heather Hathaway, Rose-Mary Williams, Hilary McNamee and Shannon Towle did their parts to finish 10th in the 4×400 meter relay, with a time of 4 minutes and 41.37 seconds. Rose-Mary Williams also finished 10th in the javelin, with her 82-foot and 9-inch throw. For the discus, Williams came in fourth, with a distance of 88 feet and 6 inches; Heather Hathaway came in sixth, with a distance of 88-04; and Hilary McNamee came in 10th, with a distance of 80-10. McNamee also came in 10th in the shot put, with a distance of 28 feet and 9.25 inches.
For the Class C boys side, both Fort Fairfield and Limestone/MSSM competed in the state meet. For Fort Fairfield, Noah Rush-Mabry came in fourth place in the 1,600 meter race walk, with a time of 8 minutes and 55.49 seconds.
Representing Limestone/MSSM in the state meet was Ian Macomber, who came in 22nd in the javelin, with a distance thrown of 123 feet and 7 inches. Macomber also took second place in the discus throw, with a distance of 128 feet and 2 inches; and he took first place in the shot put, throwing the Class C best distance of 49 feet and 6 inches. Also representing LCS/MSSM in the discus was Addison Rossignol, who placed 13th, with a distance of 105-04.