Series has 3 races left

17 years ago

Six of the nine County Challenge Road Race Series races for 2007 are in the books.
With three remaining races the age group and overall division leaders are making themselves known. Susan Plissey is the women’s leader with 64 points and is followed by Linda Mountain (29) and Rene Laliberty (26). The men’s division has Jeff Ashby and Evan Graves tied at 40 points with Thomas Beckum and Sam Sheehan tied for third with 32 each.     Age group leaders in the women’s division include: 14 and under: Mary-Jo Sheehan leading with three runners tied for second (Jaylee Fox, Alecia Palmer, Emily Bourgoin);  15-18: first, Julie Carson; second, Kristine Stevens and third, Hannah Saunders; 19-29: first, Rene Laliberty; second, Linda Gover and third, Liz Andretta; 30-39: first, Lee Rae Jordan-Oliver; second, Angela Ewings third, Tess Miner-Farra; 40-49: first, Linda Mountain; second, Fran Prest; third, Jan Newett; 50-59: first, Connie McLellan; second, Brenda Tree; third, Debra Scott; 60 and over: first, Ruth Hare; second, Linda Self; walkers: Liz Andretta.
For the men, age group leaders are: 14 and under: first, Kevin Strid; second, Christian Sleeper; third (tie) Nathan Ackerson and Alex Bourgoin; 15-18:  first, Sam Sheehan; second, Spencer McElwain; third, Stefan Ciszewski; 19-29: first, Evan Graves; second, PJ Gorneault; third, Emerson Wright; 30-39: first, Thomas Beckum; second, Alfred Hanscom; third, John Farra; 40-49: first, Leo Kashian; second, Rob Langner; third, Carl Soderberg; 50-59: first, Waldo Libby; second, Bruce Freme; third, Brent Jepsom; 60-69: first, Larry Tonzi; second, Joe Beasley; third (tie), Don Zillman and Bruce Alexander; 70 and over: first, Art Thompson; walkers: “Rikki” Richard Kimball.
The remaining series races and contact persons are the Aug. 5, Island Falls Summer Fest 5K (John Walker, 463-3344), Aug. 11, County Open Half Marathon and Relay (Joe Ewings, 538-9893), and Sept. 3 Caribou Labor Day 5 Miler (Carl Soderberg, 493-7868).