Son wrecks mother

Kathy McCarty, Special to The County
17 years ago

    PRESQUE ISLE, Maine – How often can you say you wrecked your mother’s car and got a trophy and money for doing it?
For the majority of drivers the answer to that question is probably never. But that wasn’t the case for Steven Holmes on July 28 when he emerged victorious during the demolition derby held before the grandstand at the Northern Maine Fair.

Holmes, of Wade, who comes from a family of demo derby enthusiasts that includes his mother, Robin Holmes, bested a field of 18 competitors to win the event. Having been declared the last car running, the young driver received a trophy and a $700 cash prize. During last year’s competition, the young driver came in second to his father, Alan Holmes. This year, it was the parents who sat in disabled cars in the end as their son took out his competition.
The evening saw three primary heats, with a consolation heat, followed by the grande finale. Five drivers took part in the Prettiest Car competition prior to the derby. Ethan Bechard, in car 1066; Robin Holmes, driving number 77; car 83 driven by Alan Holmes; Larry Good, with car 51; and Nicholas McDonald, driving number 12. Taking first prize was Alan Holmes, of Wade, in his silver station wagon. Second place went to Robin Holmes and her green and white sedan.
The six drivers competing in Heat 1 included: Jeff Butterfield, of Presque Isle, driving car 777; Carl Pinkham, of Easton, in car 700; Carl Johnston, of Washburn, in car 724; Alan Holmes, of Wade, driving number 83; Jason Patterson, of Blaine, in car 7777; and Nicholas McDonald, of Presque Isle, driving number 12. When the time was up, it was Butterfield, Pinkham and Holmes who moved on to the grand finale.
Heat 2 saw six more drivers face off, including: Bob Anderson, of Caribou, in car 3 – with Sponge Bob riding atop the station wagon; Robin Holmes, of Wade, in number 77; Larry Good, of Presque Isle, in car 51; Eddie Hansell, of Presque Isle, driving number 7 – in honor of the seven years he’s used the same car for the derby; and Anthony Boyce, of Presque Isle, driving car 50. Paul Munson, of Washburn, couldn’t get the seatbelt fastened in car 01 and was unable to participate. Anderson, Holmes and Good advanced to the grand finale when time was up.
In Heat 3, the final six drivers took to the field, including: Kenny Munson, of Washburn, car 01; Steven Holmes, of Wade, driver number 55; Curtis Belanger, of Portage, in car number 00; Tim Bolstridge, of Ashland, riding in car 29; Chris Good, of Ashland, driving ‘Super Trooper’ car 22, complete with traditional black and white police colors and top-mounted bubble lights; Milo Haney, of Connor, in car 1; and Ethan Bechard, of St. Agatha, in car 1066. Holmes, Belanger and Bechard were the three from this heat moving to the final match.
The consolation event saw six more drivers limp back to the ring, trying to make the final round. Anyone who didn’t make the top three from the first heats but were able to get their cars running were eligible to take part in the consolation heat. Participants included: Patterson, Boyce, Johnson, Kenny Munson, Good and Belanger. Boyce, Larry Good and Belanger finished on top during this competition.
The grande finale saw 11 competitors return to the field one last time, attempting to take home the top prize money and trophy. All three of the Holmes made it to the final round. Other participants included: Pinkham, Butterfield, Larry Good, Anderson, Belanger, Bechard, Boyce and Chris Good. While Alan Holmes was knocked out of the running, Robin and Steven Holmes were forces to be reckoned with, doing their fair share of damage to other cars. Steven Holmes, one of the younger drivers, found using the back of his car to cause damage a winning technique.
As evening set in, it became more difficult for spectators to see exactly what was going on, with dirt flying, broken radiators and exhaust creating plumes of mist and smoke. The mother-son duo fought it out derby style, but in the end it was Steven who got the better of his mom – eventually having to smash into her car to put her out of the running. Even Chris Good’s cop car couldn’t stop Steven’s quest for top honors.
When the whistle blew for the final time, Steven Holmes walked away the victor, winning $700 and a trophy for his efforts. Taking second place was Larry Good, who received $500 and a trophy. Third place went to Chris Good, who received $300 and a trophy. The remaining competitors in the grand finale were presented $50 awards for making the final match.
Winning the 50/50 drawing for the evening was Bob Grass, of New Hampshire, who took home the tidy sum of $1,744 for holding the winning ticket.
For those who didn’t get a chance to catch the derby during the fair, another one is planned for this weekend, beginning at 6 p.m. at the fairgrounds in Presque Isle as part of Balloon Fest activities.
If you’re interested in a little family fun, why not check out competition this weekend and see whose wreck finishes first this time around.