Mars Hill Mountain no longer a peaceful retreat

17 years ago

To the editor:
Not intended to stir the pot, but I would like to let the public know about my experience. As I do every summer for the past better half of a decade, I hike Mars Hill Mountain to the flagpole with gear for an overnight. It’s always been an escape that was close to home, yet far enough to feel isolated.     This year was very, very different. As always the hike was slightly demanding … that didn’t change. The view was great, as always. The change was when I reached the top … the usual peaceful feeling of accomplishment was muffled by the intrusive giants that now inhabit the top of our once beautiful hill. No more birds chirping, just a low growl from the sky.
Like everyone in the area I had mixed feelings. At first I hated the sight of these people destroying the land that I was so fond of hiking. Then after the destruction and the erecting of the turbines, I tried to have an open mind. “Well they are here, time to deal with it.” I even thought of the benefits of green power, and tried to think of the positives.
Well now my mindset is reversed. The last two turbines on the south side of the mountain utterly ruined the great spot that has been enjoyed by so many over the years. The camping area that once was a great retreat right in our back yard is now about unbearable. The noise from up near our flagpole is horrid. I think of the kids around here … the Boy and Girl Scouts that now will never be able to enjoy that part of our community as we did, peacefully.
It’s sad really that when these people decided to let the turbine company rape Mars Hill Mountain, that they couldn’t think to save just a small part for the future generations to enjoy. But I guess money does indeed talk, and talk loud enough to cover up the unwelcome sound of those turbines. Too bad … if I’m lucky enough to have children I would have liked to have shown them that spot. Now like many others, I’ll never spend another night in that racket. Too bad.

Benjamin Cheney
Mars Hill