Senior golf results

17 years ago

The Upper St. John Valley Seniors Golf Association played a tournament at the Long Lake Country Club on Aug. 22, with 91 players participating in the event.     Roger Nadeau of Edmundston and Charles Violette of Presque Isle tied for the overall gross score of 72, while Elvin McPherson of Presque Isle shot low net with a score of 57.
Division I gross winners were Nadeau and Violette with 72 and Dave Plourde of Edmundston, 74. Net, Peter Curley, Covered Bridge, 62; Andrew Choisnet, Edmundston, 66 and Dave Wilcox, AVCC, 68.
Division II gross winners were Greg Douglas, VaJoWa, 75; Michael Gagnon, Caribou, 75 and Willard Cyr, Edmundston, 78. Net, Robert Roy, Caribou, 63; Harold Soucy, Presque Isle, 63 and David Scullion, Portage, 66.
Division III gross winners were Doug Lawrence, Covered Bridge, 82; Dave Dow, Long Lake, 83 and Phil Michaud, Presque Isle, 84. Net, Willis Glew, Long Lake, 65; Donald Hanning, Limestone, 66 and Elwood Doody, Limestone, 67.
Division IV gross winners were Robert Lewandowski, Presque Isle, 81; Josephel Pelletier, Presque Isle, 83 and Irvin Roy, Fort Kent, 86. Net, John Murphy, Presque Isle, 61; Bob Michaud, Fort Kent, 66 and Tom Saucier, Mars Hill, 67.
Division V gross winners were Joe Sleeper, Caribou, 84; Arthur Benner, Caribou, 86 and Alfred Giberson, Presque Isle, 87. Net, Gary Aiken, Limestone, 60; Herb Williamson, Presque Isle, 62 and Bob Sawyer, Portage, 63.
Division VI gross winners were Harold Violette, Long Lake, 92; Jack Burlock, AVCC, 93 and Bernie Levasseur, Long Lake, 96. Net, McPherson, Presque Isle, 57; Judson Holmquist, Portage, 65 and Gene Michaud, Presque Isle, 67.