Team Titleist leading

17 years ago

Youth Golf League standings after seven weeks: Team Callaway (86 points), Team Titleist (103), Team TaylorMade (134), Team Ping (149), Team Nike (161).     Week 7 results are as follows:
    First place: Team Titleist, -30 points (Cody Merrill, Dakota Fox, Robbie Watson and Sam Clukey).
    Second place: Team Callaway, -25 points (Evan Waddell, Jenna Hallett, Trevor Levesque, Trenton Johnson, Zach Dube and Colin McKay).
    Third place: Team Ping, -10 points (Gabe Player, Kent Smith, Liam Hughes, Hillary Albert and Austin Albert).
    Fourth place: Team TaylorMade, -10 points (Jonah Stephenson, Isaac Lajoie, Karson Eaton, Lara Scott, Carter LaPointe and Elena Ford).
    Fifth place: Team Nike, 5 points (Leslie Campbell, Joshua Gordon, Drew Bates and Ryder Soucy).
    Special awards: longest drive on hole No. 1: Robbie Watson, 187 yards; longest putt on hole No. 2: Carter LaPointe, 8 feet, 6 inches.