Celebrating the real spirit of Christmas

16 years ago

To the editor:
We are in the Christmas season right now and the comments of several people whom I am acquainted with have prompted me to write this letter to your letters page. Consider this a kind of “Yes, Virginia, there is a …” letter, though not about a jolly old elf. This essay actually goes into depth about the real reason for the season.    We sometimes forget that no one actually knows just precisely when Jesus was born. In defense to those of us who celebrate Christmas, it was our predecessors who decided to observe His birth on what was time of pagan festival. It is good that people consider his birth at any time of the year.
My family and I choose to observe Jesus’ birthday by celebrating “Christmas,” thankful to Jehovah God that He loves His creation so much that he gave us the gift of His Son. When I sit in the family room and gaze at the Christmas tree across the room, I consider the following: the tree represents the cross that Jesus would ultimately suffer and die upon – part of Jehovah God’s divine plan of Salvation and Redemption for all Creation. The garland represents Him (Jesus) being “King of Kings”. The lights represent that Jesus is the “Light of the World”.
The star (or angel) that graces the top of the tree represents Heaven. The ornaments, to my own way of thinking, represent our lives. The gifts beneath the tree represent the gift of His life for us … or the gifts that the Magi presented to the holy babe in adoration and worship. They, quite simply, mean love.
A meaningful way of celebrating that He was born (at Christmas or at any time of the year) is in visiting shut-ins in their home, or in the hospital or even the nursing home. Show kindness to everyone you meet. You never know just how lonely, hurt and depressed someone who you encounter might be feeling. An act of kindness from you might be just what they need and might actually be the turning point.
It’s not important whether we call the day Christmas, X-mas or Happy Holidays. It’s not important whether people celebrate it or not. What is important is our universal belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – and ultimately our love for Jesus and for each other. (See Matthew 25:31-46)
Merry Christmas and may I wish you a happy and blessed New Year.

Kaidan Dakota Morgan