Playground needs more equipment

16 years ago
By Grade 6 students
New Sweden Consolidated School

    Have you ever been in a place where there is nothing to do? That is what we feel like when we go on recess at our school. We have to find our own fun and sometimes we get in trouble because we are bored.     If we had more playground equipment, we’d like recess a whole lot more. We could play with our friends and spend time together doing more than just standing around.
    In the winter time, there is just enough room to move around. If there were jungle gyms, maybe we could play on them. We used to have tether ball, but they took them down and now we have less equipment. Maybe, they would consider a few benches so we could at least have a place to sit and talk to one another. Right now, we just stand around.
    We all need to consider our health these days. Wouldn’t it be great if we could be more active and make our health better?
    We all agree that more equipment is needed and think that it would make recess so much more fun and healthy. Don’t you agree?