Bicycle stunt rider motivates SAD 1 students

16 years ago
By Scott Mitchell Johnson
Staff Writer

    PRESQUE ISLE – World champion bicycle stunt rider and motivational speaker Chris Poulos wowed SAD 1 students and their parents recently as the Presque Isle Elementary Parent Teachers Organization (PTO) sponsored a Family Night in the Presque Isle High School gymnasium.

    Having competed in 413 bicycle stunt competitions, Poulos, who resides in Wakefield, R.I., has received 85 gold medals and first-place awards.
    “Chris was the bicycle stunt world champion in 1991,” said     Presque Isle PTO member Russ O’Berry, “and today he works as a motivational speaker around the world. He’s a husband and a father, and he brings a positive message – treat each other with respect, bicycle safety, and encouraging kids to do their best.”
    The PTO-sponsored Family Night was held March 6.
    “That same day,” said O’Berry, “Chris also did two internal shows where he elaborated with the students at Pine Street Elementary School and Zippel Elementary School. They were more closed sessions with the students and teachers in each school, while the Family Night was free and open to the public.”
    O’Berry, who works with PTO fund-raising and event representative Joyce Sullivan, said Poulos’ appearance came at an opportune time as students were taking assessment tests that week.
    “It was a really good break in the action for all of the kids,” he said. “His message was very positive … to treat others the way you would want to be treated was an underlying theme. He also encouraged kids to give their best effort and to be as accomplished as they can with their goals and to not limit themselves.
    “We had a very good crowd,” said O’Berry, “and the kids really enjoyed the stunts. He did different tricks and activities, and even dunked a basketball while standing on the handlebars of his bike, so the kids really liked that. The parents also enjoyed the fact that he was delivering a positive message. There was a lot of razzmatazz, but a good message for the kids.”
    In the coming weeks, the Presque Isle PTO will be sponsoring a Science Night at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 1 at Zippel Elementary School, a health and fitness event Wednesday, May 7 (location to be announced), The Theater At Monmouth Thursday, May 8 (location to be announced), and two Field Days (June 6 at Pine Street and June 10 at Zippel).
    For information about the PTO or to become a member, contact Joyce Sullivan at 472-3128.


ImagePhoto courtesy of Joyce Sullivan
    CHRIS POULOS, a world champion bicycle stunt rider and motivational speaker, participated in a Family Night March 6 at Presque Isle High School, sponsored by the Presque Isle Elementary Parent Teachers Organization. Poulos performed a variety of stunts and tricks, and delivered a positive message to SAD 1 students and their parents.