You’re invited to Fort Kent church fund-raiser

15 years ago

To the editor:
    The Christian Life Center (Frenchville) in collaboration with the Knights of Columbus is sponsoring a Turkey Dinner Fund-raiser with all proceeds to help with the restoration of St. Louis Catholic Church in Fort Kent. This benefit dinner is slated for Sunday, June 1st at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Madawaska. Dinner will be served from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Cost for adults is $10 and for children 12 and under $5.     Dinner tickets are available now and more will be available as well. You can receive tickets from members of the Christian Life Center Advisory Board, the local Catholic Churches and from the Knights of Columbus. If you would like to attend, but do not have a ticket, you can still come and pay at the door.
    For those of you that cannot attend, you can still make a monetary donation if you wish. Please make the check out to the Christian Life Center, but put the words “St. Louis Church Fund-raiser” on the memo line of the check. Please send to: PO Box 530, Frenchville, ME 04745.
    Thanks for your time and hope to see some of you at the dinner.

Mark R. Bourgoin, Chair
Advisory Board
Christian Life Center
State Publicity Director
Maine State Council
Knights of Columbus