Family still suffering 44 years later

15 years ago

To the editor:
    When I first started to read the article “Voscar Dusts Off Files,” I thought it related to the celebration of Fort Fairfield’s 150 Anniversary. Then I turned the page and saw a picture of my brother and other pictures relating to his death. I was appalled and hurt. It appears this was done to showcase Voscar’s career without any thought given to the impact it may have on families still healing after 44 years.    Some of the information in that article is incorrect. Cyrus was not mailing Christmas cards the day after Christmas. He was collecting the money owed from his paper route. Furthermore, his death was the result of a robbery. How could anyone think it was an accident, as stated in the article? There was a 600-pond log on his body.
    There was no purpose for this to be included in Fort Fairfield’s 150th celebration. I feel it was very insensitive and bordered on sensationalism. In my opinion, the Star-Herald needs to be more responsible when printing submitted articles.
Ruth Gahagan
New Sweden