Neighborhood no place for planned substation

16 years ago

To the editor:
    I am a citizen of this beautiful state of Maine having recently moved here from DFAS Denver as a result of the BRAC decisions. I have recently been confronted with a problem in the city of Presque Isle and I am in hopes that this letter may help our cause and stop the construction of yet another electric substation in an Urban Residential Zone (2). There is currently one substation kitty-corner from my home and now, Maine Public wants to build another one, just outside of my back fence.     The zoning board (special Exceptions) denied MPS building this substation at 50 and 52 Academy Street in Presque Isle in February 2007 because “it would not be in keeping of general neighborhood, visual distraction, property values would be degraded and the noise would be detrimental to the abutting property.” Presently, I sleep medicated and with earplugs, I can not open my bedroom windows and enjoy the cool summer nights on account of the constant noise, with the plan they have for building the new substation, it will be just outside of my back fence, less than 50 feet! This 37-foot-tall structure will be ugly and definitely a visual distraction, it was brought to the hearing that the property values would decrease, and the noise will be detrimental to the abutting properties. I agree, that in order for this company to keep up with the electric requirements of their customers — progress is to occur — but why (can you please provide me with a definitive reason?) — in MY BACKYARD!
    I suggest that MPS buy all of the properties on the block, build their substation away from the bike path and make the area a “park” like area, with benches, vegetation, not necessarily playground type equipment because the dangers of electro magnetic fields have not yet been proven or more importantly — disproven.
    They say this is the only place to do build it and Maine Public Service has in-fact purchased some of the property there. We as citizens can not continue to keep closed mouthed, we must stop this horrible invasion
Of mine, my children’s and my grandchildren’s lives and property, along side everyone else in this beautiful family neighborhood.
Joanne Cardinal
Presque Isle