Hockey team sidetracked for now

16 years ago

To the editor:
As I was sitting in an arena on Saturday watching this hockey team play a very good game, it brought back memories of how they got to where they are today (some have graduated). I thought of how small they were and when the first time they met at Houlton Elementary School for the initial meeting, how they were absorbing every word their then coaches; Bob Matthews and Sam Brown, were instructing them. From there on up, I believe every coach has been there to give this team the best training and unselfishly given their time and money to see the results of today’s team. I personally want to thank them for being the coaches they have been.
    Why can’t we as parents and fans just let them do their coaching and teaching and respect how they do it? I believe that as we get these conflicting factors behind us, we can start a new.
What is wrong with saying ‘I’m sorry man’,‘clean up our acts and let’s get this team’s respect back to where they can be respected. I am proud of the Houlton/Hodgdon Blackhawks. Let them be encouraged, not discouraged. Go team, go!
I am not a coach; I am a grandmother.

Minerva Buxton