Historic Washburn barns show their ‘true’ colors

15 years ago

Washburn barns painted
  Very little gets by the eyes of local Washburn-ites, but the two very large barns being painted lately have drawn lots of attention.  
     They were both white, (now both a very historical “barn red”), both very high barns and both were much-appreciated Washburn landmarks in this day of very few “in-town” barns. 

ImagePhoto courtesy of Christie Cochran
A barn AT THE Bugbee farm, built in 1843, greets travelers as they enter ‘downtown’ Washburn.

     The largest one is located on the way into town from the south and is really quite impressive to see. The barn was built in 1843 on the Bugbee family homestead. This homestead was occupied by the Bugbee family, with the last heir being Ruby Bugbee. All kept the farmhouse and barn in pristine condition and were more than willing to show the unique home to all. In 1996 it was purchased by Larry and Wanita Hallowell and in the mid 2000s, it was purchased by the current owners, Peter and Mary Bull. It is being painted by Winston Bragg along with his son, Chad, and his son-in-law, Terry Plummer. The sign on the barn front is being repainted by local artisan Wayne Crouse.
  The second barn is owned by Rodney and Cheryl Sperrey and is located right on Main Street, a true “in town” barn. Rodney painted it himself, even scaling a ladder to reach the somewhat daunting 33-foot peak, Cheryl picked out the paint, going with barn red rather than white, and when they did some scraping of the white paint before applying the new red hue, they found that the original color of the barn had been red!
  The first tax records show that the barn was built in 1897 and was in the ownership of the Umphrey family. Some true heritage is written on the barn’s beam boards which show the names of A.E. Umphrey and Myrtle Smith, an Umphrey heir and former town librarian. She lived in the homestead until she was 95 years old in 1986, selling it to the Sperrey family who have enjoyed their life in the old place for the past 22 years.
  A belated birthday wish goes out to Dwight Cary. Those celebrating birthdays this week include: Nicholas Pesut, Jillian Ziegler, Stacey Griffin, Joe Whitten, Austin Hicks, Larry Whipkey, Sheryl LaBarrie, Ericka Tupper, Barb Bragg, Brian Morris, Cassandra Rogers, Carolyn O’Donnell, Dapheen Creasey, Danielle Durost, Jeannie Johnson, Dale Howe, Janet Parker, Gary Blackstone, Leland Caron, Ryan Bard, Nichole Humphrey, Nicki McCrum, Brad Maynard, Roger Hewitt Jr., Carol Mahoney, Kim Worcester and Dakota Michaud.
  Special anniversary wishes go out to: Daren and Laura Churchill, Milton and Pam Haley.  
Town notes
  The Washburn Planning Board met recently. Included in the meeting’s agenda was election of officers. Roger Crouse will serve as Board chairman, Tom Berube will serve as vice chairman and Daren Churchill will hold the post of secretary.  
  The site design for the Washburn Soup Kitchen to be housed on Trafton Street was also approved by the Board.  
  The next scheduled Washburn Town Council meeting will be held on Monday, Oct. 20, at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center. This change is due to the Columbus Day holiday. Please note that the Town Office will be closed on Monday, Oct. 13, and will reopen on Tuesday, Oct. 14, at 7 a.m.  
  Friendly Coop delivery and pick-up date is Friday, Oct. 10. For further information, contact Brenda McCoy at bunny@ainop.com or phone 455-8421.
  On Thursday, Oct. 16, there will be a free flu shot clinic held at the Civic Center from 4 to 6 p.m. This service is offered to resident’s ages 9 years of age or older. Please bring your Medicare card if you participate in the Medicare program.
     On Saturday, Oct. 18, there will be a Rabies Clinic held at the Washburn Civic Center from 1:30-2 p.m. The fees for dogs are: Rabies $8, Distemper/Parvo $9 and Lepto 4 $9. Fees for cats are Rabies $10, Feline Leukemia $16 and Distemper $9. The rabies certificate must be presented in order to register your dog. For further information, contact Anne Carter at 455-8485.
  Dogs, ages 6 months or older must be registered in the municipality where the dog is kept by January 1 of each year. Dogs can be registered any time after Wednesday, October 15, 2008 for the coming year 2009. You’ll need to bring last year’s dog license, a rabies vaccination certificate, and spaying or neutering certificate if you have one. Registration fees are $6 for dogs that are spayed or neutered and $11 for those that are not. A $25 late fee can be charged for any dogs not registered by Feb. 1, 2009.
  TOPS will be meeting each Monday at the Washburn Trailrunners clubhouse, starting with weigh-in at 4:15 p.m. and the meeting from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. For further information, contact Birdena Cochran at 455-8353.      
    The national election for the office of president of the United States will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 4. The polls will be at the Civic Center and open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Anyone wishing information on registration or absentee ballots, please stop by the Town Office, or phone them at 455-8485.
    Looking ahead towards hunting season, the Washburn Rotary will be holding their annual Hunter’s Breakfast on Saturday, Nov. 1, from 4:30 to 8 a.m. There will be the usual full menu and meals will be served at the Washburn Civic Center fire bays. See any Rotarian for your ticket, or they will also be available at the door.
Coast-to-coast traveler
     Malcolm Witham, of Washburn, recently traveled to Sacramento, Calif., to visit with his son, Gary, and Gary’s wife, Teresa, and family.  Mr. Witham’s son(s)-in-law, Richard O’Neal and Jerry Robillard made the trip from Connecticut to Washburn to get him and he took a flight from Bradley International Airfield in Hartford, Conn., to Sacramento .   
     While in California, Mr. Witham also visited with his son, Steven, and his two great granddaughters, Rebecca Reder and Alicia Mills, who are both attending Christian Life College in Stockton, Calif.  En route to California and on the return flight, he spent time with his daughters Diana O’Neal and husband Rick, Lois Robillard and husband Jerry, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Perham notes
     On Saturday, Oct. 18, the town of Perham will be hosting their first ever Rabies Clinic from 9-11 a.m. This event will be open to Perham residents only, and only Rabies shots will be provided.  
     Veterinarian Dr. Michael Wolland will be administrating the shots to both cats and dogs and is donating his time with all proceeds going to the Central Aroostook Animal Shelter.  Keep in mind that dog owners need to have a current rabies certificate in order to license their dogs.
     The Perham Recreation and Events Committee will be holding a bake sale at the same time and place. Lots of homemade goodies including cookies and other sweets will be available. Coffee or juice will also be available for patrons to purchase with all proceeds from the bake sale going to the Salmon Lake Trail fund.
     If interest is high and the clinic is supported by animal owners in Perham, it may continue next year with other immunizations provided as well. For further information on the clinic, phone the Perham Town Office at 455-5887.
Rec Center schedule
  On Thursday, Oct. 9, there will be a pumpkin painting party held at the Washburn Rec Center from 4-6 p.m. This is an event sponsored by the Healthy You program. All materials including pumpkins, decorations and refreshments for an afternoon the whole family will enjoy will be available.
  There will be a fun trip to Goughan’s Farm Corn Maze on Wednesday, Oct. 8, for grades 3 – 5 and  is limited to the first 13 who sign up. The van will be leaving Washburn at 2:30 p.m. and returning at 5:15 p.m.
  On Thursday, Oct. 9, there will be soccer practice for grades 5 – 6 at 5:30 p.m. at the elementary school fields.
  On Saturday, Oct. 11, there will be a Round Robin at Easton for the grades 5 – 6 soccer teams.
     On Tuesday, Oct. 14, there will be roller skating at the Caribou Melody rink. This event is for grades K-8 and will be held from 5-8 p.m.  
  On Wednesday, Oct. 15, from 2:45 to 4:15 p.m. there will be Fall Cooking held at the Rec Center for grades 3 – 4, limited to the first 14 who sign up.

    Christie Cochran is the correspondent for Washburn, Wade and Perham. She can be reached at 455-8034 or gramchristie@yahoo.com. 



ImagePhoto courtesy of Christie Cochran
    First appearing on Washburn tax records in 1897, this barn belonged to the Umphrey family before being sold to the Sperreys. It is located right on Main Street in Washburn.







ImagePhoto courtesy of Christie Cochran
    MIKAYLA CHURCHILL, Kaylee Doody and Mariena Bragg are pictured examining an X-Fish specimen to discover the unique features that will help them identify which species it is. The size, body shape, fins and eyes of the fish all provide clues to help the Washburn students solve this science mystery.








ImagePhoto courtesy of Christie Cochran
    BRITTANY HERNANDEZ, Brooks Arruda and Garren Sadler – students at Washburn Elementary School, study the behavior of fish in GMRI’s schooling tank. After closely observing the fish, students try mimicking their schooling behavior in response to stimuli including food and predators. This is a great activity for children who learn best by using their bodies.









ImagePhoto courtesy of Christie Cochran
    COURTNEY HARTSGROVE, Michael Ericson, Kenning Irving and Cameron Bragg carefully examined the morphology of their X-Fish specimen and compared and contrasted its features with a variety of fish species using digital identification keys displayed on the screen.