East Grand students visit Treworgy Family Orchards

16 years ago

East Grand students in grades Pre-K through Grade 6 traveled recently to Levant to visit Treworgy Family Orchards. The students had the opportunity to explore many things during their visit.
The day started with an overview of the orchard and the process of growing and harvesting apples.
The children were taught how to pick an apple without harming the tree and were able to eat the apple right in the orchard. Afterwards, classes had the chance to watch a cider press and have a drink of the freshly made cider.
The students took a hayride to the field where they were able to pick a gourd to bring home.
The tour guide showed how to milk a goat and then the students were able to feed some goats.
An exciting part of the day was going through the corn maze. The students were divided into groups and given maps of the corn maze to guide them through.
When each station in the corn maze was reached the group leader would hole punch the map. The first group to get each station punched on the map and make their way out of the corn maze received a free ice cream.
The students and staff at East Grand School would like to thank the people at Treworgy Family Orchards for the wonderful day and their hospitality.