Harlem Superstars to take to Houlton hardwood Friday night

16 years ago

While the kids in the crowd laughed with excitement, the players on the court gawked around with confusion.
    That’s what the Harlem Rockets did to the Houlton seniors last year, and that is what the Harlem Superstars, previously known as the Rockets, will do to the Houlton seniors again Friday night.
Last year, some seniors epected an unorganized game, but none expected the chaos of the show.
During warmups before the game, members of the Harlem Superstars will work the crowd at Alumni Gymnasium from high fives to slam dunks.
From the beginning of the game, the senior players will be unsure of what their role will be on the court.
A year ago, it was impossible for any of the players to get a feel for the game because the game would go on relatively normal for two minutes, and then “Showtime” or “Super Chicken” would take over and the Harlem group would be dancing or pulling some type of prank, which was usually followed by another two or three minutes of basketball.
The seniors will awkwardly try to keep pace with the Harlem Superstars,  but even the players will be completely unsure of what was coming up next, as will the crowd.
The shenanigans begin early and are inserted often within the show — shooting silly string into the unsuspecting audience to rev up the laugher.
No matter the mischief, the Superstars will display their skill and talent for the game, which awes children and adults, alike.
The Harlem Superstars will be at Houlton High School’s Alumni Gymnasium at 7 p.m. on Friday.
Advanced tickets are available at Houlton High School, York’s Books or from any member of Houlton’s senior class.
A typical show, sponsored by the senior class, pits a team of Houlton High School seniors against the Harlem Superstars.
The Harlem Superstars are not the Globetrotters. They do fund-raisers to raise money for a good cause. They put on a family show, with basketball as the main attraction. The Superstars also do school visits and motivational speaking, with fun mixed in.
Playing this year for the Harlem Superstars is 10-year veteran Kevin “Showboat” Jackson, who played in Houlton a year ago; Chris “Super Chicken” Turnquest; 12-year veteran Ricky “7 Footer” Lopes, who has also appeared in Houlton over the years; Ron “Rock-It” Christy; Mark “Hollywood” Jones and Jason “White Shadow” Gibbons of Bath. Also on the roster are Kelvin “Hometown Kid” Wiley and Thomas “Bama Slama” Morris.
They will be facing the mighty Shires’ Caleb “C-Rich” or better known now as “The Ladies Man” Richardson, Lowell “The Bean Stalk” Matthews, Ashir “Air-Ashair” Abouleish, Anna “Banana” Caron, Robby “Worm” Stairs, Justin “JJ Ny-Quil” Haggerty, Justine “The Machine” Anderson, Laura “The Scorah” Schools, Taylor “Teabag” or better known now as “The Puck” Martin and Brandon “B-Dogg” McGuire.
Come early and get a good seat for a show that will leave you laughing and supporting Houlton High School’s senior class.