Presque Isle police investigate string of car burglaries

15 years ago
By Kathy McCarty  
Staff Writer

    PRESQUE ISLE – A number of vehicles have been burglarized around the Star City in recent weeks, including several over the last week west of the Presque Isle Stream.     The Presque Isle Police Department has responded to several reports of owners discovering property missing from their parked vehicles this fall. Most cases involved the theft of money and electronic equipment, such as stereos and cell phones. Police estimate the stolen property to be valued in the thousands of dollars.
    Since October, over a dozen reports have been filed, with the cases having one thing in common – owners had left their vehicles unlocked.
    Streets where burglaries occurred include: Dyer, Mechanic, Wilson, State, Delmont, Park and State Park Rd. All incidents reportedly occurred overnight.
    According to the police log, Christmas gifts were overlooked in one vehicle, with the thief or thieves focusing on other items in the vehicle instead.
    Police are urging owners to secure their vehicles and put them in a garage when possible. Keeping a list of serial numbers of such things as car stereos and cell phones can help police track stolen items and return them to the rightful owner when they’re recovered.
    Christmas season is a particularly popular time for such burglaries, when people leave vehicles unattended for ‘just a moment’ to run a quick errand or do some last-minute shopping. Whether in a driveway or in a store parking lot, police advise drivers to lock their vehicles, no matter how long you’ll be. Also, they suggest securing valuables in a locked glove box, trunk or console.
    Police note keeping items out of sight keeps curious eyes from knowing what’s there.
    Anyone with information on these cases is asked to contact the PIPD at 764-4476.