Questioning Life Flight plan

15 years ago

To the editor:
    I was surprised when I read the article in the Jan. 12 Bangor Daily News in regard to Life Flight landing sites set for snowsled trails. As a member of a snowmobile club, I agree it’s one heck of a project with a lot of work to do. I was surprised to read that the clubs are willing to do it and all clubs are really working hard on this.     The article stated that the project is two-pronged. First, local snowmobile clubs will work to establish landing zones at (appropriate) locations along the trails. Second, Life Flight crew members and local rescue personnel will train snowmobilers on how to report a serious accident and how to set up a landing zone in the event a local rescue is not available.
    In Aroostook County for many years we have had many ways to report snowmobile accidents and we are well prepared to act if one happens. Most snowmobile clubs have rescue sleds already for accidents. Presently I do not believe that Life Flight crewmembers can improve the way we report serious accidents. I recommend that clubs do not establish too many landing zones until they know where the accidents are going to happen. If the Life Flight site is built in the town of Houlton and the accident happens 30 miles back in woods near the town of Portage, that would not be an (appropriate) location.
    The only way this very expensive program could work, would be to build a landing zone while Life Flight is coming to pick up the victim. Life Flight is a wonderful program but for moving an injured person from a snowmobile trail to the nearest hospital, it appears to me that an ambulance is much more economical.

James McBreairty