Northern Maine Community College announces 2008 fall semester Dean’s List

15 years ago

  PRESQUE ISLE, Maine – Northern Maine Community College Vice President and Academic Dean Alan Punches has announced the Dean’s List for the college’s 2008 fall semester. Two hundred and three full-time students achieved a 3.20 average or better; 41 of these students were named to high honors with a grade point average of 3.85 or better. Twenty-one students had the distinction of earning a perfect 4.0 grade point average.     “We are proud of the accomplishments of these students,” said Punches. “In many cases, they are working, meeting family obligations, and engaged in community activities, but still they distinguish themselves in their studies. We commend them.”
NMCC Dean’s List – Fall 2008 Semester
High Honors (3.85-4.0)
*Joshua M. Parent of Bangor, *Charlotte B. Grass of Blaine, *Betsey E. McPherson of Bowdoin, Katie M. Corriveau, Zachary W. Dinsmore, *Joshua P. Goodale, *Matthew D. McDonald, Samantha A. Sheffield and *Janet Tang, all of Caribou; Travis E. DeWitt of Fort Fairfield, Elizabeth M. Jalbert and Lucas W. Jarrett of Fort Kent, *Lisa L. Clark of Garfield Plantation, Amber R. Libby of Hollis, *Karen A. Hardy of Houlton, Sean M. Brogan of Leeds, Tadd A. Devoe of Limestone, *Heidi S. Warman of Linneus, *Robert Gagnon of Madawaska, Jenni L. Maynard of Mapleton, *Trudy M. Lilley and Misty L. Robinson of Masardis, Glen E. Peterson of New Sweden, *Alicia R. Doyle of North Berwick, *Christina A. Stadig of Oxbow, Tasha L. Boyce, *Nicholas K. Norton, Vincent S. Pelletier, *Amilio C. Samaroo, Vanninnia K. Small and *Alyssa J. Symonds, all of Presque Isle; Audrey R. Charette of Smyrna Mills, Ashley M. Ayotte of St. Agatha, Clarissa L. Gallagher of Stacyville, *Kyle J. Chasse, *Elena R. Dumond and *Marina Grivois, all of Van Buren; *Erin E. Farley of Washburn, Joseph D. Gilley of West Enfield, *Stas’ L. Ginish of Weston, and Ethan R. Garceau of Wiscasset.
* Achieved a perfect 4.0 semester.
NMCC Dean’s List – Fall 2008 Semester
Edward E. Bellanceau, Kenny R. LeTourneau, Jessica L. Long, Jeremy E. Poulin, Nicole L. Poulin and Evelyn D. Sock, all of Ashland; Tade A. Brooks of Augusta, Kruger B. Tyler of Blue Hill, Jennifer R. Holcombe, Blake F. McCarthy and Candice M. Rivera, all of Bridgewater; Antoinette L. Caron, Aaron J. Conroy, Ryan L. Corrigan, Kyle T. Damboise, Jenna L. Disy, Aleisha M. Doody, Carlin A. Dubay, James D. DuVal, Daniel E. Godin, Laurie G. Hartley, Angela L. Howe, Ashley R. Martin, Aaron G. Olmstead, Ashlee M. Ouellette, Tracey M. Patterson, Damien L. Tetlow, Tyler J. Theriault, Nicole L. Thompson, Katherine M. Wilcox and Charles C. Zappone, all of Caribou; Rachel A. Ellis and Lindsey A. Rockwell of Castle Hill; Shane K. Ireland of Chapman, Brian J. Nadeau of Connor, Douglas O. Grant and Joseph A. Levesque III of Crystal, Whitney L. Haskell of Deer Isle, Mathew S. Pelletier of Eagle Lake, Matthew J. Blodget, April M. Busse, Tamara E. Dayringer and Holly Nadeau, all of Easton; Melanie F. Davenport, Mallory S. Ferrier, Chad D. Guerrette, Brad J. Harvey, Stacey P. McNamee and Michelle N. Perley, all of Fort Fairfield; Randy D. Caron of Fort Kent, Eric D. Bernier of Frenchville, Daniel P. Dionne of Grand Isle, Sharon M. Philbrook of Hodgdon, Leah A. Bates, Amy M. Blanchard, Aaron J. Cyr, Brian P. Kingsbury, Ashley M. Merrill, Melissa R. Sabattis, Brandi N. Spinney and Damon L. Stone, all of Houlton; Gard L. Castonguay of Leeds, Keith A. Crouse, Tina A. Dorr, James W. Elliott, Michael D. Fitzsimmons, Amber L. Hill, Kristi L. Ricker, Tamara J. St. Pierre and Jeff M. Thuo, all of Limestone; SarahRuth B. MacCormack of Lincolnville, Amanda L. Roy of Linneus, Jonathan D. Bartlett and Mark J. Goodale of Littleton.
Also, Nicole M. Bechard and Craig D. Cyr of Madawaska, Parker B. Brown, Daniel W. Butts, Danielle R. Clark, Lucas W. Ireland, Buddy L. LaCombe, Brandan G. Pinchott and Seth H. Swanson, all of Mapleton; Stephen D. Burtchell, Ashley N. Gray, Ryan P. Kilcollins, Shelby D. Miller and Michelle M.              Tweedie, all of Mars Hill; Ann-Marie S. Lilley of Masardis, Samuel J. Howard of Mercer, Kevin P. Demmons and Lance R. Getchell of Milford, Adam G. Dickinson of New Sweden, Kelley L. McLaughlin of Old Town, Alicia D. Collins of Portage Lake, Nicole M. Baxter, Tammy L. Berry, Linda A. Burlock, Chelsae R. Cambridge, Carrie R. Chambers, Derek A. Clair, Courtney L. Cyr, Kassandra D. Dumais, Matthew R. Guimond, Leann M. Klinger, Jennifer R. Knowles, Amanda M. LeJeune, Beth A. Lint, Daniel B. MacFarline, Shannon R. Marquis, Tanya L. Mastro, Megan McHatten, Elizan J. McLean, Vonda L. McNally, Kay D. O’Clair, Jamie R. Ouellette, Katherine E. Pictou, Sheri L. Pryor, Dustin G. Punches, Wendy L. Samaroo, Glen C. Tranbarger, Brandy L. Willette and Mary E. Woollard, all of Presque Isle; Morgan M. Burridge and Kirsten E. Dobson of Rockland, Casey M. Savage of Sherman, Michael J. Folsom of Smyrna Mills, Travis A. Collins and Paul E. Soucy of St. Agatha, Shawn D. Cote of St. David, Jasmine N. Pelletier of Stacyville, Pamela J. Gorneault and Tyler D. Martin of Stockholm, Brandon S. Raven of Thorndike, Thomas L. Berry of Turner, Kyle C. Deschaine, Charles R. Ouellette and Steve D. Poitras of Van Buren, Nathaniel E. Webster of Vienna, Stephanie M. Burtt, Todd A. Doody, Sarah E. Goodine, Lucas J. Hafford, Dollie S. Haines, Owen C. Harris, Samuel B. Harris, Shannon L. Jurist and Robert J. Sines, all of Washburn; William H. Skelton of Windham, Brian E. Stover of Winter Harbor, Nicholas R. Grover and Samuel S. Schmal of Wiscasset, and Danielle M. Guerrette of Woodland.
Out of state: Kylie J. Porter of Fall River, Mass., Seth T. Sjolander of Wheelock, Vt., and Sara J. Hobbs of Chickasha, Okla.
Canada: Benjamin D. Williamson of Burton, New Brunswick, Virginia R. Giberson of Moncton, New Brunswick, Joshua J. Bolster and Joyce A. Burgoyne of Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, and Angela J. Ashworth and Pamela S. Shoemaker of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick.