The Northern Maine International Air Show

15 years ago

As the temperatures warm, days grow longer and the snow begins to melt, the minds of aviation enthusiasts across the Northern Hemisphere begin to wander.
The warmer weather conjures up memories of sun filled days at a local air show or maybe a pilgrimage to Oshkosh. Prior to the closure of Loring Air Force Base, area residents were treated to an annual aviation feast served up on a silver platter.
Some of my earliest memories include the aerial exploits of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds or getting to sit in the latest jet fighter. Since the closing of Loring local aviation enthusiasts have had to travel outside the area to get their air show fix. However this year could be different.
Yes, an air show could be coming to an airport near. Encouraged by the unbelievable turnout for Glacier Girl, Presque Isle community leaders have been working to put an air show together for this year, June 20th to be exact. Already we have commitments from the U.S. Air Force Strike Eagle team. This team flies the F-15 Eagle. The F-15 is believed by some to be the best fighter aircraft in the world.
Accompanying the team could be a P-51 which will fly in formation with the F-15 for part of the demonstration. Not to leave our Navy friends out, we have the F-18 Hornet Tactical Demonstration team coming for the show as well. In addition, the U.S. Air Force will be flying in the latest pilot training aircraft for all to see. Static displays are not all finalized but we are hopeful that we will have a K-135 Aerial Tanker, F-16 Fighter, F-15 Fighter, P-3 Orion Subhunter, Blackhawk helicopters and a Junkers Stuka WWII German Dive Bomber replica to name a few.
All this fun is contingent however, in getting a large number of volunteers to fill positions on over eight different subcommittees. Why do we need so many? The answer is that to have the military demonstration teams, requires a tremendous amount of ground support. Some of these subcommittees require a big time commitment while others have a very small number of tasks. For those of you that have not worked an air show, it is a great deal of work but it is also very fun. Depending on your duties, you might have the best vantage point from which to watch the aerial demonstrations.
On Thursday, March 26th at 6:30 p.m. there will be a meeting at the airport conference room. The airport conference room is located at 650 Airport Drive. For those familiar with the airport it is in the same building as the airline passenger terminal. The purpose of the meeting will be to get an idea of how many volunteers are interested in helping out with this effort.
    Scott Wardwell is Presque Isle’s Airport Director. He can be reached at 764-2550 or via e-mail at