Presque Isle high school holds winter sports awards night

15 years ago
   Presque Isle High School held their Winter Sports Awards Night on March 9-10. The following awards were presented:
For JVII boys basketball, Coach McAtee awarded certificates to freshmen Brittany and Stacia Caron, managers, Matt Eager, Dylan Elliot, Matt Freeman, Logan Good, Tyler Grant, Andrew Kofstad, Osman Mendieta-Castro, Josh Reed and Brett Wilson and sophomores Jacob Plissey and Logan Thibeau.
For JV boys basketball, Coach Guerrette awarded certificates to freshmen Andrew Cash, Ryley Norton, Cole Richards and Wilder York, sophomores Brandon Bonville, Brock Cassidy, manager Tyler Eager, Edward Escobar, Brandon Gibson, Ben McKenna, David Rowland and Alex Tuttle and junior Ryan Thibeau.
For Varsity boys basketball, coached by Tim Prescott and assistant coach Scott Young, first-year letter awards went to sophomores Travis Dyer, Andrew Legassie, Oliver Zubrick and manager Mike Picard, juniors Ryan Bernier, Matt Chasse and Keenan Eaton and seniors Eric Morris and Jason Johnson. Second-year letter awards went to juniors Nate Ackerson, Ethan Braley, Dillon Kingsbury and managers Deidre Dicker and Whitney LaPointe. Third-year letter awards went to seniors Russ Mortland and Evan Richards.
For JV girls basketball, Coach McCue awarded certificates to freshmen Kristin Ackerson, Casey Bonville, Claire Cheney, Jessica Dumais, Katie Patenaude, Caitlin Sirois, Jessica Theriault and Dani Wolland, sophomores Megan Kaiser, Chelsea Lynds, manager Melanie Maynard, Mackenzie Pinette and Bonnie Wylder and juniors Amy Grivois and Alecia Kierstead.
For Varsity girls basketball, coached by Jeff Hudson and assistant coach Ralph Michaud, certificates were awarded to freshman manager Sam Clukey and sophomore manager Lindsay Michaud. First year letter awards went to freshmen Chelsea Nickerson and Kayla Richards, sophomore Abbie LaPointe, juniors Krista Coffin, Haley Johnston and Elizabeth Kofstad and senior Caitlin Esancy. Second year letters were awarded to junior Jodie Buckley and seniors Brittany Bearden and Hannah Cheney. Third year letters were awarded to senior Kayla Legassie and senior Sarah Porter was awarded a fourth year letter.
For JV cheering, coached by Jenna Flanagin, certificates were awarded to freshmen Barbara Bonville, Kelsey Buck, Brittany Burlock, Paige Doyen, Brittany Good, Elise Jones, Courtney Lyford, Hannah Patterson, Jessica Pelkey, Grace Short and Bonnie Zeng, sophomores Sarah Gorneault and Stephanie Therrien and junior Glendon Zernicke. JV cheering took first place at the Ellsworth Competition.
Varsity cheering coach Jolene Kinney awarded certificates to freshmen Courtney Lyford and Hannah Patterson. First-year letter awards went to freshman Michaela Powers, sophomores Julea Gorneault and Miranda Lovely and junior Meghan Boucher. Second year letters were awarded to juniors Kaitlin Calabrese, Mackenzie Lamoureux and Bethany Lord. Third year letters were awarded to juniors Naiomi Donovan, Lorraine Hughes and Jordyn Kinney and seniors Brittany Brown, Rachel Churchill, JOrdyn Madore and Jenna Watt. Fourth year letters were awarded to Rebekah Shaw and Autumn Whittaker. The Varsity cheering squad were this year’s Aroostook League Champions and took second place at the Big East Championship.
Girls and boys swimming was coached by Joyce Price and assisted by John Leber.
For the girls, first year letters were awarded to freshmen Erica Hemphill and Sarah McEachern and sophomores Ashley Burlock and Alecia Palmer. Second year letters were awarded to sophomores Shae Adler, Divya Bisht, Rilee Elliot-Currie, Jesse Lucas and Dara Raymond. Third year letters went to senior Emilee Currie and Desiree Higgins. Earning fourth year letter awards were seniors Karrie Brawn, Paige McEachern and Allison Young. Appearing at the state swim meet were Young, Currie, McEachern, Hemphill, Brawn, Elliot-Currie, Raymond and Adler. All-Aroostook swimmers were Adler, Brawn, Currie, Elliot-Currie, Hemphill, Higgins, Palmer, Raymond and Young.
For the boys, first year letters were awarded to freshman Aaron Biggs, sophomores Josh Allen and Locke Robbins, and seniors Matt Dunn, Jordan Francke, Dustin Graham, Lucas Richards and Warren Zubrick. Second year letter awards went to sophomore Stephen Goulet and juniors Kyle Gilson and Ethan York. Third year letters were awarded to junior Jacob Brawn and senior Cameron Winter. Appearing at the state swim meet were Dunn, Zubrick, Gilson, Goulet, Brawn and Winter. All-Aroostook swimmers were Brawn, Dunn, Francke, Gilson, Goulet, Richards, Robbins, Winter and Zubrick.
Girls and boys skiing was coached by Eric Hendrickson with Elaine Hendrickson and Matt Lokken assisting.
For the girls, junior Julia Brown was awarded a certificate. Freshman Chelsey Carroll earned her first year letter award. Earning her third year letter award was junior Hallie Bartlett. Seniors Amber Griffin and Jennifer Steeves were awarded fourth year letters. Making all-aroostook for alpine skiing were Griffin and Steeves and making alpine/nordic all-aroostook was Bartlett. In the state skimeister competition, fifth place went to Barlett, Griffin took sixth and Carroll finished in seventh.
For the boys, first year letters were awarded to freshman Jacob Towle and juniors Andrej Chudozilov, Nathaniel Postell and Justin Towle. Senior Lucas Mathers was awarded a third year letter. Making all-aroostook for alpine/nordic was Mathers, who also won first place in the state’s giant slalom competition. Additionally, Mathers placed first in the skate skimeister competition, and Chudozilov placed ninth.
For ice hockey, coach Carl Flynn and assistant coach John Haley awarded certificates to freshmen Cody Merrill and Evan Waddell and sophomore Derek Sczuroski. First year letters were awarded to freshmen Nick Davis, Isaac LaJoie, Josh MacFarline and Conner Shaw, and sophomores Caleb Buck, Jacob Buck and Jordan Hallett. Receiving second year letters were junior managers Casey Carson and Kacey Wilcox. Third year letters were awarded to juniors Zac Campbell, Mitch Davis, Steve Ford, Jason Martin, Brennen Shaw and Mitchell Sperrey, and seniors Josh Buck and Mark Carvell. Senior Dylan Collins was awarded the only fourth year letter. The ice hockey team was this year’s Eastern Maine Class B champions and State runners-up.
Athletes awarded sweatshirts for receiving six varsity letters in any combination of varsity sports were: Dillon Kingsbury, Russ Mortland, Steve Ford, Rachel Churchill, Emilee Currie, Jordyn Madore and Rebekah Shaw. Senior athletes awarded jackets for lettering in the same sport for four years were: Sarah Porter, Jennifer Steeves, Karrie Brawn, Paige McEachern, Allison Young, Dylan Collins, Rebekah Shaw, Autumn Whittaker and Amber Griffin.