Roads, sidewalks to be summer projects

15 years ago

Preliminary 2009 road and sidewalk projects are as follows:

Road Projects:
Foxcroft Road, Grange Street, Green Street, High Street-Military to Franklin, Market Square, McIntyre Road, South Street, Chandler Street, Ludlow Road, Cook’s Brook Road, Mechanic St. Parking Lot, Highland Avenue, Main Street,  Mechanic Street, Mooers Road,
Pleasant Street, Sugarloaf Street, Water Street, Willard Street, Crack Seal 48 Streets and Upgrade and Improve 10 Gravel Roads.

Sidewalk Projects
Willard Street, Summer Street, Sugarloaf Street, Spring Street, Kendall Street, Kelleran Street, Green Street, Smyrna Street, Maple Street East, Lawn Street, Water Street, South Street,  School Street, Randall Court, Randall Avenue, North Street, East Main Street, Highland Avenue, Mechanic Street, High Street, Court Street, Bird Street and Military Street.