Houlton Elementary School students go wild

Elna Seabrook, Special to The County
15 years ago

     HOULTON, Maine — Debbie Melvin’s third-grade class at Houlton Elementary School rolled up their sleeves and dug into a research and demonstration project that gave them an idea of what grown-up life is like. Melvin told her students to treat their “Go Wild Animal Museum” project like a job and apparently they did.
    After preparing reports, presentations, exhibits and even a video, the students demonstrated their findings over a three-day period to visitors.
Before it was over Madison Holmes told Melvin she could not “wait to go home and put her feet up.” Michael Ross said he wanted “to go home and take a nap before baseball practice.”
Students researched various climate zones and global regions — polar, temperate, wetland, oceanic, desert, grassland and rainforest.
They learned from each other and the whole process, according to Melvin, was aligned to the Maine Learning Results which involves higher standards for what they must know at the end of their grade level.
Fellow students and visitors were eager to see the results. “It’s a fun way to share and exhibit what they have learned,” said Melvin of the project.