Update from Halfway Home Pet Rescue

15 years ago

To the editor:
    Twelve more young kittens, two very sick who recovered nicely with treatment, three young feral kittens who need rehabilitation handling, and one happy, healthy kitten abandoned in a ditch in the middle of nowhere. We received six kittens less than 10 days old (mom was killed by a car) and that we have been syringe feeding and stimulating their muscles around the clock. The young kittens need immediate care as they dehydrate quickly. Immediately take a tissue or cotton ball dipped lightly in baby oil and gently touch and pat his/his little private areas. The young kittens are not able to eliminate without help as their mother stimulates them until the necessary muscles have matured. Last month’s editorial update gave you an inexpensive kitten formula that works well for us. This around-the-clock program will continue until the kittens are at least 4 weeks old and can eat well by themselves.
    Except for one older cat, Angel, our recent adoptions have adjusted well to their new homes and are deeply loved already. Angel was an older long-haired white cat who was abandoned in a crate in our driveway one very rainy night. By morning, she was soaked from the miserable night. Her leukemia test and vet check went fine. We had her groomed and all the mats removed. We were lucky that within a few days, a lovely couple came to visit the cats and fell in love with her. They took her home and loved her as though she had lived her entire life with them. But two days later, Angel was dead. The lovely people took her to the vet for an autopsy and the findings were that Angel was full of cancer.
    My heart broke for Angel to have so many changes in the last week of her life, but also for these lovely people who, after just recently having lost their older cat, now had this terrible episode to deal with and so much more sorrow in their hearts.
    On a happier note, our free pony rides for young children on July 25, were a huge success. There was a constant stream of excited faces. Young cowgirls and cowboys eagerly got one ride and then changed horses several times for another. The kids enjoyed the free rides and friendship of Sally O’Neal and her volunteers. We collected about $50 of returnable bottles and although the pony rides were free many people left generous donations which amounted to about $300. Each child had a photo taken which will be mailed out soon. This was a wonderful collaboration by Sally O’Neal and Garrick and Sandra Milton who allowed the use of their front lawn. We appreciate the donation of products from Sleeper’s Store, Shop and Save and Wal-Mart for the hot dog meal. It was a happy time of animals (miniature horses) helping animals (homeless cats) and we appreciate the effort of the many volunteers who helped with the horses, assisted children, crated returnable bottles and cooked hot dogs.
    Halfway Home Homeless Cats are leukemia tested, have all age-appropriate shots, cleared of any parasites and are spayed/neutered before adoption – about $100 to $130 worth of health care. We also do socialization activities to assess the personality for the most suitable adoption. We charge an adoption fee of $40 for kittens under the age of 4 months. This includes a fully paid spay/neuter voucher in their adoption papers for when they are older. Cats older than 4 months are still free.
    Please know I am hard of hearing so when leaving a message on my answering machine, please speak slowly and clearly and repeat the telephone number twice.
    I will be dropping off another small supply of cat and dog food to the pet food pantry on Tuesday, July 28. The next pet food delivery should be at the animal hospital at 2 p.m. on Thursday, August 13. Shop & Save in Caribou keeps a food cart for you to leave a food donation when you shop. Thank you for your help. 88 Bennett Drive Redemption continues to turn over your returnable bottle money. Our Yard Sale booth at Valley Woodworking and at my garage also nets us funding to go on the medical bills. We cannot write grants until our 501c3 has been returned. We have asked that it be retroactive to Jan. 1, 2009.
    Please e-mail me at Milton@mfx.net if you wish to be on our newsletter mailing. Our correct legal name is Halfway Home Pet Rescue dba Madawaska Lake Homeless Cats. Our address is 773 S Shore Rd., Stockholm, ME 04783. Thank you.

Halfway Home Pet Rescue
dba Madawaska Lake Homeless Cats
Norma Milton, Stockholm